Linen liners and frame clips...


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
Hey guys and girls! I have a few questions for you.

I just ordered the frames for my art and am very excited about it. I just ran into a few problems concerning linen liners and frame to canvas clips.

First question: How do I attach a linen liner to the outer main frame? I can't use my point driver because the liner is thinker than the rabbet on the main frame... Glue?

Second question: I always stretch my paintings using inch and a half stretcher bars. The problem is that the ONLY clips I could find aren't deep enough for these unless I use mega thick expensive frames. Would it be "proper" to build up the back of the frame with pine strips to meet the edge of canvas? Or do any of you have links to where I could purchase deep frame clips?

I know this is alot, but I trust you'll help me.

thanks all!
(1) Offset clips - available in numerous depths from many suppliers
(2) If you are framing as opposed to hanging a gallery wrap, why not use thinner stretcher bar stock? Avoids the problem!
I have found two sizes of frame clips. AMS makes the shorter of the two. You can get them from Larson and a number of other places. They are black. The other clip is longer and brown, and I think they're called Clip-Its (from United) and they fit Fredrix stretcher bars. But I'm talking about length and you're talking about depth. Are you using stretcher bars with the rounded lip on one edge? Or strainer bars, which are thicker (usually) and have sharp 90 degree edges all the way around? I have found that both the above-mentioned clips are suffienctly deep for *most* stretcher bar.