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Limited Edition?????????


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Aug 7, 2005
Nanticoke, PA
WOLFrames Picture Framing
Just framed a 'limited edition' print for a customer by a certain well-known artist. I've framed other work by this artist before, but this time I really read the Certificate of Authenticity and it stated the following:

Standard Numbered edition-Canvas: 2950
Standard Numbered edition-paper: 2850
Artist Proof-Canvas: 590
Artist Proof-paper: 570
Gallery Proof-canvas: 1100
Gallery proof-paper: 1000
Publisher proof-canvas: 530
Publisher proof-paper: 520
International proof-canvas: 590
International proof-paper: 570
Atelier National-canvas: 400
Atelier National-paper: 400
Atelier International-canvas: 400
Atelier International-paper: 400
Renaissance Edition-canvas: 240
Studio proof-canvas: 120
Studio proof-paper: 120
Master Edition-canvas: 1

BUT that's not all...
that's just for the 24x30 size that this picture was. It's also available in 20x24 AND 16x20.
The certificate states total worldwide edition size is..........get ready.............
Ahhhh.....limited to the maximum number of copies they think they can sell.

And if you damage one of these collectable limited editions........what is the charge to have a replacement numbered with the original sequence number?
On the cruise ship (which did not hold the auction like they said they would) they had a HC 251/325.

A really savey woman bought it for the reserve for only $550. And she insisted that she be allowed to take THAT one. She didn't want any bait and switch scams pulled where they don't ship her that picture but instead they send her some junk like a PP or AP.

She was very savey about the ways of Limited Edition "Litho Printing" and she knew that "HC" was much more rare.

"Atelier National-canvas", I don't get it. National Shop-canvas???? :confused:
For those that aren't as savey as that woman...
"HC" stands for "Horst Commerce" or "Not For Sale".....
I guess that's why they are so rare.
I have one in my shop now with a number of "2875/3500-I". And I have seen several with the letter(s) after like ZZ and II after the number.

That leads me to believe that the total size of the edition could be 3500 x 26 x 26 = 2,366,000 on just this one signed and numbered edition-paper. Crap, no wonder he don't hand sign the prints.

Yes he don't hand sign his prints. He advertised a few years ago when he was recruiting new artists that they would have access to his automated signing machine that eliminates the tedious hand signing of artwork.
Originally posted by Baer Charlton:

For those that aren't as savey as that woman...
"HC" stands for "Horst Commerce" or "Not For Sale".....
My apologies in advance ... not trying to be picky, but:

"H.C." stands for "Hors de Commmerce" (Not for Trade/Commerce).
This really annoys me. Customers come in the store with a beautiful poster print that they only spent $10 bucks on. Why? Because they like it. It is pretty or says something to them or about them. Then they don't want to spend a lot to frame it b/c hey, they only paid 10 bucks for it.

Customers come in the store with something gross that they bought on a cruise ship auction for $600 bucks. Why? Because a cruise ship auction is as close to an "art" auction as some of these folks will ever come or it is a limited edition (# 27,432/38,000) Kinkade signed with his DNA and one day it will be worth something. Then guess what? They don't want to spend an arm & a leg to get it framed b/c hey, they already spent so much to "acquire" it in the first place.

I have never in all my life understood why people spend good money on something they may not necessarily be in love with or even really like, just because someone manipulates them into thinking it may be worth something. (yeah right)

It's a good thing that writers aren't as self-absorbed. I would hate to know I had to pay upwards of a hundred dollars for a limited edition (# 279,467/4,000,000) of my favorite author's new release.


come on people....limited is limited...after all, dont we just have to take "their" word that they'll ONLY print up 36,853 ????? where's you faith in you fellow fleecers??
Thats right Bill! The real problem is that it's not an original ltd. edition print. It's a ltd. edition reproduction. But let's hope you get to frame them all.
I forgot that I wanted to mention that the certificate does state that "each signature is mechanically applied with a registered Auto-Pen signature device" utilizing DNA encoded ink to prevent forgery. Also it states that they reserve the right to use the image on this limited edition print "in any other medium or in any manner whatsoever". (even further diluting the meaning of limited edition)

On the back of the certificate it gives a statement of editions (explaining what all the different editions are).

Atelier National-a special limited edition created using a continuous tone printing process. Each canvas is hand highlighted and designated with the letters A/N following the print number. Each paper print edition is designated with the letters A/N following the print number. The Atelier National edition prints are limited to distribution within the United States. (as opposed to the Atelier International edition which is outside the US)

There are a few of the editions that are actually HAND signed by the artist. I could print out all of the definitons of the editions if anyone is really interested. It is rather long.
Originally posted by printmaker:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Baer Charlton:

For those that aren't as savey as that woman...
"HC" stands for "Horst Commerce" or "Not For Sale".....
My apologies in advance ... not trying to be picky, but:

"H.C." stands for "Hors de Commmerce" (Not for Trade/Commerce).
</font>[/QUOTE]Baer's must have been the German edition
Wally, no it was probably the Irish edition.... Bushmills...

Thank you Printmaker.... I should read carefully the instruction book that came with my language skills...

Or go to bed earlier...

But I do like the German crap Wally. I miss Shultz on Hogan's Heros.

markyw, don't post the explaination. That much bandwidth messes with framer tg's server and then the face page freezes up faster than a wrinkle at a Botox party. :D