limited edition sources

Richard Lagroon

Grumbler in Training
Oct 23, 2002
Columbia, SC
I need some help with print sources. I'm basically a self-taught framer with no prior experience in the art/framing business. I started my business about two years ago after having lost my job in the technology industry. Things have gone fairly well, but up to this point I have done framing only. I'm ready to expand into print sales, but without prior experience in the industry, I don't know the best sources for art. I have a Lieberman's CD, which is great, but I'm looking for sources of limited edition prints. I'm assuming that most artists don't do their own distributing. I'm located in Columbia, South Carolina and would initially concentrate on artists in the southeast. Also, if there is a business owner in South Carolina or eastern Georgia that would be willing to spend a few hours with me as a business mentor, I would greatly appreciate it. If so, please contact me via email

Jerry Ervin

PFG, Picture Framing God
Jul 13, 2001
North Carolina ... The Picture Frame Capital of th

Salem Graphics in Winston Salem NC is a good source for L/E prints. They have many artist from the Carolinas. However, most of the better known local artist here do distribute their own work. Jim Booth, Bob Timberlake, David Doss, Phillip Philbeck, Richard Hedgecock, Cotton Ketchie, William Mangum, Dempsey Essick, the list goes on and on. You need to contact each artist separately. If I was just starting out selling L/E prints, I would focus on 3 maybe 4 artist and carry a good mix.

The L/E market is falling now. I am not sure if or when it will come back. The art buyers in my areas seem to be extremist. They either want dirt cheap(posters) or over the top expensive (originals). Tread lightly and don't invest too heavily.

We don't see many SC Grumblers here, jump in a hang on. There is a wealth of knowledge out here.