Limit Detector problem - Cassese CS89


True Grumbler
Jun 11, 2002
Houston, Texas, USA
I have a CS89 and on the 4th corner of a small 1" frame the limit detector began releasing pressure continuously and refuses to stop. :mad: Air pressure was holding steady at 6 bar before the problem started.

Any CS89 users run into this before and know what the problem might be?? I bought it used about a year ago and it's been working great, at least until now . . .

Sounds like just an old sticky valve. Take it apart, wipe it down with acetone and try again.

I would say 'blow it out' but that is exactly what it's getting now. I'd try cleaning it, before replacing.
Call Active Sales in California. They are a Cassise repair station as well as sales and parts.

That's to all for the contact info and link to the owner's manual. I'll give it a good cleaning first and see if that resolves the problem.
Hi Heike, and welcome to the G.
Don B hasn't been on the Grumble since March 2008, so I doubt if he will answer.
As far as your problem is concerned, seeking help beyond the simple suggestion of cleaning the part and making sure all the connections are good might be better explored with Caseese's tech support in Europe. Support | Cassese