LifeSaver v. Specialty Soft use w/ Wizard CMC


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Sep 30, 2003
Indianapolis, IN
Anyone have any insights as to ease of use of LifeSaver and/or Spec. Soft and its integration with Wizard? How about with multiple opening projects? So far, I find spec. soft's demo difficult to work with. HELP!
I use Lifesaver at my two stores. I chose it because it had what I consider to be the easiest user interface. We have not used the export to wizard function yet because we have the POS on a seperate computer, so it hasn't been worth it to burn a CD to transfer it over. However, I can tell you that the wizard database as it exists today is good. You click a button and can choose different templates, and corner charges are calculated automatically. Also, if you have a multiple opening, you can choose different templates for individual openings. Again, charges are tallied automatically. Talk to Lifesaver too, because they are improving this interface as we speak. I think they're going to make it so that you click a button and can lay out the mat right at the design counter, then save it. Their phone number, if you haven't got it is 800.381.0600. Hope that helps...

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Wizard supplies a +1 user license with their software. You can install your 5.01 software on the POS computer that has Lifesaver.

Put your mats and size in on the screen, click on the Wizard button, and you get to the first interface. Click on the go to Wizard button and you are in the design section of the Wizard software, do your design add your openings. go to save mat, save it as the default then click the Back to POS tab and your done.

I like it still some work to do before I love it, but they will come through.