LifeSaver & PowerPay


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Nov 15, 2004
Northborough, MA
Just learned about this last week at the NY show. About the only thing I was sort of excited about....

For those of you that don't know, it is a new partnership between LifeSaver and a credit card service that will interface direcltly with the software.

Anyone looked into this yet? Seems like apretty good idea. I am waiting for quotes.

I'll let you know what I hear.
Indeed - Please keep us posted.

I love the idea of directly swiping within my POS software, and a keyboard swiper. But I will admit that all works well already with my two external Omni 3200 terminals which sit all of 4 inches from my POS monitors anyway...

What I don't like is being committed to one credit card processor, with whom I may or may not wish to stay with? I like my freedom to change if I need to do so.

We switched at the start of the new year, and couldn't be happier. We were the first shop to go live.

It saves time at the design counter. Approval is almost instant because it goes through your internet feed, so you wont need a terminal or a phone line. When it's time to accept money in the ticket, quicksale, or accept payment screens -- you just specify the amount and slide the card. It's almost instant.

A value added benefit is that you can swipe the card at the main menu, when they come back to make final payment, and it will call their order(s) up in the "accept payment" screen. A small card reader velcros to your keyboard or monitor, which I believe is provided.

We dealt with Staci Enneguess, who answered MANY questions for us(sorry Staci), and gave us a very fair rate. She reduced our monthly fee, committment, and rate from what we had with Nova. We're very pleased with the bank and the time it saves at the design counter.

Mike & Andy
I just got my quotes and they can indeed save me some money. Not huge amounts but some is better than none. Then you ad in the conveniences it can provide and it seems like a good deal. I have a few more questions for them before I commit but it is loooking good so far

It's up to 4.27 now. Click on UPDATE to download and install the new version.

Rats. That's exactly what I was looking for, but too late. I signed a 3-yr committment with the credit card processing company. I'm just a few days away from going to Lifesaver. Maybe I'll look into how much it will cost me to cancel that contract. Anyone know about that??
Val, They'll get their cancelation fee! I think it's usually a couple hundred bucks. Check your contract, but I wouldn't. Make a note to yourself for when it's expiring. I think a lot of them have "auto-renew" clauses. These clauses usually "sign you up" for another year by default. You kind of have to get out on the anniversary.

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Hello All,

I'm one of the sales reps that work for PowerPay. I came here to see what people were thinking of the intergration. If anybody has any questions please feel free to email me at
I have been using it for over 3 years and couldn't be happier - it is so easy to swipe and have the information in my closing documents at the end of the day.

They have been holding down the rates for a year or so but recently told us that they will have to raise the rate a little bit - I think it is still very competitive from my limited information from other merchants here in town.