LifeSaver 4.03 / 4.04


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Oct 23, 2003
Columbia, SC
Has anyone had problems upgrading to the newer release of LifeSaver?

A little behind updating my program...Still using 3.06. Saw the newer releases at Decor NYC, but was told significant changes from the 3.xx versions and that many users were having some difficulty learning the changes. Things have been too hectic for me to feel comfortable changing the program in the shop if there is a significant learing curve with the new features....but don't want to get any further behind. Should I expect major operational differences that the staff will have to figure out?
Not true Leary,

I used 3.06 and now have updated to the new version and find more features, easier to use and a lot less problems.

Go for it.

I just upgraded to the newer version... it's got some good new stuff!!

The learning curve on this is on-going!! I'm always trying to find a way to do something it doesn't want to do!!

But basically it does the job great.

Works great. Now if they would just make it so we could, if we wish, have it put in glass, mounting and whatever selections in by default instead of nothing I'd PAY for the upgrade since having to actively deselect conservation glass and mounting would mean we'd sell it more.
Upgraded this afternoon after Cliff & Roz's assurances. Looks like transition should be no problem, but the new look is gonna freak out the individual opening the shop tomorrow!

And guess what, Johnny... you CAN define a default glass, mounting and a couple of other options under the "Framing Type" pulldown. (Since you didn't have to actually PAY LifeSaver for this one, I'll accept a small gratuity for pointing it out :D ) Not sure how to fully use the feature yet, but have already set Conservation Clear as the default glass.

Edit -- You'll be able to set defaults from the "File" menu on the "Framing Order" screen, just select "Define Framing Types"
I would like to see Lifesaver come out in all one flavor like All cherry or all lime. ummmmm!
That tropical tangerine is really nice !
The new version does everything the old versions did, and their motto is to "leave no one behind". As one of their beta test volunteers, I've seen how they literally "bend over backwards" to keep the workflow the same - while still adding new gizmos. They added just about everything we asked for, and are very receptive to our (customer) feedback.

If you have 3.06, these are some of the highlights that you'll find by doing the online UPDATE and grabbing the new version:

Redesigned all major screens with a new look and added new shortcut buttons. Screens are optimized for monitor resolution setting of 1024 x 768, but they will continue to work with the 800 x 600 setting.

New "main menu" with mouse clickable options for just about everything. (accept payment, closing, update, ticket, moulding, mats, customers, etc) No more having to go through pulldown menus...

Embedded the calendar into the 1024x768 ticket screen, with the ability to "block" days from being scheduled. (holidays, vacation, etc) Calendar also prints production log, weekly or monthly "to do" lists, and displays how many jobs are PENDING and COMPLETE for every day of the month.

Doubled the amount of "Specials" that will display on the ticket screen.

Default framing types (glass, mounting, etc) can be pre-defined, and you can set up sub groups with pre-defined items.

Several additional features for customers with receipt printers and barcode readers.

Automatic recovery/backup procedure to fix small corruption and index issues. (not to replace daily backup)

Additional glass types (12 more)

Chop and Length prices are both handled simultaneously and you can toggle between them "on the fly". They're also both displayed in the moulding database.

CMC support built in. It'll let you pick the designs right from the Wizard(etc) list, with images, and include that info with the job. (and price it automatically) It'll even go as far as generating the 1234.WZ2 (workerorder number) cutting instruction file - which can be imported by the Wizard s/w. You can optionally shell out to the wizard.exe program, from the ticket screen, to work up a design. (if you have a copy on the same machine - Wizard allows this)

It sends emails out automatically to notify customers when their jobs are ready. (if enabled) You can customize the form letter.

Optional time clock feature

It will handle in-line ovals pricing

It directly connects to optional Leiberman's CD, shells out to their software, and imports the items dimensions and price into the ticket or quicksale screen.

Measurements can be entered in fractions or decimal format.

Payment can be spread automatically between multiple pieces in the Save & Repeat screen.

Multiple payment types can be combined on a single order.

The software now supports gift certificates as a payment type, ATM cards, and anything else you wish to define.

Customers with "Alert" flag on will now pop up in the ACCEPT PAYMENT screen.

Can optionally track which framer completed each workorder, and provides a monthly report with the results.

Moulding markup table has more ranges.

New tax exempt option in quicksale screen (gift certificates, etc)

Option to price labor as a percentage of materials

Workorders can be barcode scanned for ACCEPT PAYMENT or COMPLETED (calendar).

This list is by no means complete, and is in my own words. Apologies if I made any mistakes!

If you're considering the upgrade - do it! You won't be disappointed.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask here, contact Lifesaver, or email me privately.