Liebermans new look


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Feb 26, 2005
Yamhill County Oregon
I just went onto and saw their new web site... It looks great, much better than before.

Has anyone else seen it? I'm headed back there now to see more features. Looks like you can ad posters to your "cart" and order that way. That will be a HUGE improvement over the previous way to order.

Anyway, just curious if anyone else had seen it.
I haven't been able to access their site in a couple of weeks. Look forward to easier search & ordering though!
had just used it b4 the change...customer came in 2 days later...needed 'something' in tropical, went to lieb & just about had a heart attack---nothing was recognizable!!!!!!took me & the customer a couple of minutes to get aclimated... I like everything but the itty-itty-bitty pictures-----my eyes are just toooooo old to cope with that! even when looking at the 'bigger' version it's too ^$#^&& small. cant think of a good reason to do that---they were almost too small in the previous life. didn't get a chance to use the new ordering--customer complained about not being able to actually 'see' what they were looking for so I had to go to 'others'.. far as I'm concerned----find it elsewhere, then(maybe), order thru lieb.

It's pretty much stoped being a "useful" tool 'cause I don't get a good look at the products
Bill, I agree! Also, I used to sent my customers straight to the site to look, but may be rethinking that. The whole shopping cart theme is to "retail" and I suspect will increase confusion.
Great new look. I plan on incorporating many more of thier products into my business plan this next year...$$$.
Finally got it! I love the new search capabilities. We'll definately be using it more!
Hello Grumblers,

Thanks for your feedback on our "finally" re-done website, both the positive and the critical.

We're very happy to hear the compliments of course -- thank you.

Re size of the image display -- we will look into this.

Re the presence of a shopping cart and sending your customers straight to our site -- or not:

There's a short term answer, a long term answer, and an "avoid the problem altogether" answer:

Short term: Lieberman's sticks to its wholesale only policy -- an individual would not be able to place an order without an account, and would not be able to open an account without establishing their retailer credentials. When you send your clients, you can give them a heads up that this is simply for their convenience in selecting and that they will not be able to order.

Longer term: We will divide the site into a "public" area, entered without credential, and a "private" area that only retailers will be able to log into. The shopping cart will move to the private area. If our retailers would like, we may add a utility where the customer can make and record a list of picks, even though they cannot order except through a retailer.

"Avoid the problem altogether:" Lieberman's new Art Online program enables you to have YOUR OWN retail site with most of the key search, select and order features of this one, plus more suitable for retail use. Let us know if you want to learn more.

Keep that feedback coming, thanks again
I discovered the new site last week. Was taken aback at first...

Did find some pro's and con's - but basically it is much better. I found it a little slower to search than "other" sites - and I do the same thing - search "others" and then order from L's!!

Appreciate your response Bruce, and hopefully - you can "tell us more" about other online opportunities!!



The new site looks great but the search feature takes way to long.

Will you be in Vegas to promote Art Online?