Letter Templates


Aug 16, 2004
I have a customer who would like to know if anyone sells letter templates that you could use on mat board and cut by hand. Has the CMC made these things no longer exist.
Srolfe ;
I have a few different templates from a few distributors.
the original ones that were sold at Framing outlets and shows were made back in 1990 by Creative Mats ® and were distributed by Neblett's of Jackson ,Mississippi and their phone number is or was ( I don't know if they are still around)601-922-6305.

However when ever i needed a template that neblett's didn't have i simply go to a craft store and look for decrotive painting STENCILS. I am sure they must have had lettering along with all the shapes they did offer.

A couple of the companys that I do have some from are; Back Street ,Inc. of Norcross ,Ga.30093 and Stan Rising Co. of Port Arthur ,TX. 77642.

However when I couldn't find one that I needed I'd simply trace whatever I wanted ( Maybe a certain Font)on some tracing paper and then cut it out of a tick acetate or Laminateing film. or when I wanted to acid etch the design on glass I'd Mask the the Glass with Clear Contact Paper and transfer the traceing and then use an Exacto knife to cut it out a nd peel the center and then apply the etching cream ( I have seen some releaseable 2-3 tape that might work on surfaces that the contact paper's adhesive would be too agressive for.
Try telling those to YOUR CUSTOMER. Or better yet since they probaly are FRAMERS have them sign on to TFG and learn even more tips.
I made my own templates out of a thin flexible plastic sheet that I bought from a plastic distributor many years ago. I drew what I wanted in pencil and then just cut them on the mat cutter. Mind you, I went through an awful lot of blades doing 26 letters!!! But I made them 25 years ago and I still use them - plus I can make the letters larger or smaller by moving the templates around when tracing onto matboard.

One could also make templates out of matboard itself, although the inner edges don't hold up as well to constant pressure from pencils. And they'e not washable!

In case anyone has any old DECOR mags lying around - I wrote an article called "Alphabet Mats are Unique and Profitable" for the October 1981 issue! This was also republished by DECOR in one of their little books. Real outdated now - but I still sell my little Alphabet Mats! Cut by my own hand!