Lessa Jersey


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 23, 2002
Signed Joe Namath jersey & two photos:

26 x 50
Nurrie Caxton 7675 (Green- being discontinued)
Mounting board & 5/8 spacers - Crescent white linen 87519
Photos mounted with photo corners on Crescent 1641 (green) with 1/4 exposed.
Conservation Clear glass
The jersey is held in place by a rag board cutout slide inside. I tried something new with the support board. I made it in three pieces. The main body is square and the arm supports were acid-free taped to the main body, so the arms could be folded in, and then opened up once it was fitted into the jersey. It worked pretty well. A couple of stitches were used on the back of the jersey to hold the extra material in place. The jersey was then held to the mounting board by pulling material of the jersey back at the collar and sleeve ends and stainLess stapling it through the linen mount board.
Approximate build time: 3hrs
Retail price: $550
I was shocked to see the green, by now, I just assumed all teams were blue, white, and silver/grey, like the Cowboy's. I don't know when I've done anything other than Dallas colors.

Less, do you mean you stapled through the jersey? :eek:
Is that a bad thing?

Just kidding.
I pulled the jersey back, away from the staples at the collar and the sleeves.