Lessa Inlay Project


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 23, 2002
Lessa Inlay Project

Object: Batman cross stitch

I wanted to replicate the Bat light beam.
I needed to have the beam appear to meet with the edges of the Batman design, making sure that the inlay lines were not parallel to give the illusion that the beam was coming from a distance. It seamed difficult, but turned out to be easy.

It will be tough to remember how I did this, because it was completed in Feb. of 99.

I decided to weight the opening to give the illusion of it being high in the night sky.
I then determined the cross stitch’s center. The cross stitch was approximately 7”x 6 ½ “ oval, so I knew how far apart the lines of the inlay needed to be at the center.

On the back of the blue mat, I marked the center of the cross stitch, decided what direction I wanted the beam to come from, and then measured and marked 3 ¼ “ out from the center on both sides where I wanted the inlay to fall. I then carefully measured from the corners, marking and drawing the two lines across the back of the mat for the inlay.

I then cut the yellow mat exactly the same size as the blue and repeated the process.

I’m not sure about the rest because it was a while ago and I did it on the fly, but I believe this is how is goes.

The final oval needed to be 9”x 8 1/2” and the cross stitch design was 7” x 6 ½” and the inlay at the center of the mat was also to be 6 ½”, so I cut a 8” x 7 ½” oval out of both mats. I put the centers back in then cut out the part of the inlay I wanted out of both. I put the yellow piece into the blue, taped them together with 3M 811 making sure to burnish the tape well. To complete the mat I cut the final 9” x 8 ½’ oval opening.

God, I hope this makes sense. The job was much easier than I expected.

I found the frame details, so here they are:

Frame: LJ 235BL 15 1/4" x 14 1/4" $9 x 6ft = $54
Blue mat 8474 $28
Yellow mat 8585 $28
Con. Clear glass $15
Stretching $20
Fit $10
Total $155

I did not charge for the design or inlay work, but it was my first job of this kind and she was, and still is a great customer.