Length storage system?

Tommy P

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Nov 16, 2003
Mid North Indiana
I've ordered a few hundred feet of moulding to put in for stock. Have only done chops before buying a Clearmount saw system. Looking to make mo' money and help customers with those that need quick service.

Anyone have suggestions or pictures of best way to store length? Vertically? Horizontally?

I have a few thoughts but would appreciate any ideas....
I store mine horizontally; mainly ‘cause trying to stack 10’ lengths vertically with 8’ ceilings just doesn’t work out.

Although distributors stack their stuff vertically, I suspect that they do that because it is easier and more efficient to access their mouldings that way.

It seems to me that even if you are able to store them vertically, they would have to perfectly vertical (no angle whatsoever) so they wouldn’t bow.
I have little room to store my length. I started out horizontal but found it hard to access so I switched to vertical. In the same amount of dedicated space I can store more vertical and it is much easier to see what I have. I built a platform and have it slanted against the wall so the moulding all leans into the background. I have pegs at intervals for dividers. I've had this in place for a couple years and no warpage so far.

I'm sure horizontal is just as good if you have enough space to keep it all separated.
I did both, vertical for 8' and under, and hor for 12s. Now my ceiling is higher so I am only vertical.

Either way beware of scuffing the finish! Vertical lets you spread out more, but the shorts can get under the sticks and cause warping.

The previous owner had sono tubes that she slid the lengths into. Was a nice system and she had the tubes marked in a alpha-numeric method (a1, b3, h4) Worked well, but took up 24' because you had to be able to slide 12 footers into a 12 foot tube!

Good luck! Buy wise, not all length is worth buying by the box!
You can fit more horizontally, but vertical is easier to see what you have and less prone to damage from abrasion.

If storing "vertical", it really shouldn't be vertical, and there should be support in several places if not completely along the length, or it will bow over time.
how do you like the clearmount system?? I looked at this at a show and am considering it.

spacewise, vertical would be the only way I could go.



I have "boxes" made of 1 by 6's that have 1 by 3's along the back at 2 foot intervals to provide support as well as give me a visual way to estimate length. It works fairly well, but I need more!
The Clearmount thing is great, so far. I bought only the scale as I had a miter saw. The scale is simplicity in itself. The way I like things. The biggest thing, as probably with any saw system, is tweaking the true miter of the saw. Buts that's where the disc sander comes in...

I think for the small investment you can't beat it for doing your own chops.
We store vertically but no matter the orientation you choose, do whatever you can to avoid damage (as Bob mentioned). As you begin to carry more length in inventory, this will become more important. We put our length in clear polyethylene tubing. It comes on rolls....it's like a two thousand foot long bag with no ends. You just cut what you need and tape the ends.
I have plenty of wall space and high ceilings so my husband installed white vinal gutters all along my white walls. They must be 30' in length, side by side and a new row every 8". I lay my moulding flat in the gutters and they don't show, stay neat and clean and don't take any floor space. My husband calls them our vinal shelving instead of gutters. It is amazing how much they hold and I only keep length in them. When we have short pieces left over we put them at one end of the "vinal shelves" until we have enough to make up small frames. They don't warp or bow this way either.