Length for chop price?????

Jay H

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Dec 8, 2003
This week I ordered some length moulding. Two of the profiles I wanted were out of stock but they said they might have enough shorts if I gave them my frame dimensions. I received the chops today. The invoice has the moulding at chop price. I don’t want to be a PITA but this doesn’t sound right to me. On the anger scale am at about 3 out of 10 so its not a big deal to me, it just seems silly that they charge me chop price when I never even wanted chops. It’s their fault they had the out of stocks in the first place.

Am I being ridiculous?

Carry on!
When LJ is out of stock on a moulding, you can order chop from another location and receive it freight free. You are charged chop price. For some reason, I never thought I should get it at length price...I was just glad to get it in a timely fashion.

Give them a call and ask them to adjust the price. They may - the worst thing is they'll say no.
They should have told you up front that they were going to chop and charge.

I'm with Maryann, call. If they kiss you off, just let them know that the rep can find his samples and commission in the local land fill.
"...let them know that the rep can find his samples and commission in the local land fill."

That would be 9 of 10 on the anger scale.

1 = Give me another beer.
2 = Tell them I'm busy.
3 = Get me if they call.
4 = Tell them I will call back when I calm down.
5 = I refer to them as "Buddy" or "Bud". (Listen here Buddy...!)
6 = Vulgarity in the conversation.
7 = Lots of vulgarity
8 = The phone is hung up abruptly without a closing.
9 = The rep can find his samples and commission in the local landfill.
10 = I urinate on the samples before I burned them and here is your copy of the restraining order sir!
It is our policy at GRYPHON MOULDING to invoice an order like that at length price with any discount they normally recieve. Sometimes for local customers we will join the frame at no additional charge.
Originally posted by GRYPHON 1:
It is our policy at GRYPHON MOULDING to invoice an order like that at length price with any discount they normally receive. Sometimes for local customers we will join the frame at no additional charge.
Now there is a company that wants to do business.

It is not the framers fault that the supplier was TOS and should not be penalized by paying a higher price. If one of my suppliers pulled a stunt like that they would be at the top of my s*** list!

I now have 5 different companies that deliver to my store in Concord on a once or twice a week schedule. Plus 5 more that I pay shipping. If one of them ripped me like that it would 9 total.

That was just totally uncalled for.
Who's doing who the favor here?

Sure, you got your moulding. But they made a sale that would've been lost. You only told them the size so they could pick through the bottom of the bin - and give you short lengths .

Sounds to me that they converted your length order into a chop order. They should do that on the house.
It could be that the only way to convey your frame size to production/fullfilment is to enter it as a chop and the change to length price was overlooked. It's worth a phone call to see if the supplier agrees that an adjustment is in order.

I'd be madder about 2 mouldings out of stock myself. Or perhaps frustrated is a better word.
Did they give you short lengths or did they chop them to your dimensions? If they chopped them then they should have told you ahead of time you were buying chops. If they gave you short lengths then they are charging you for a service they did not provide. In either case it is time to call them. How they react goes in the score bin to decide if you wish to continue doing business with them. I actually like times like this because it is when you get to learn the true character of the business.

After having said all that, it occurs to me that they may have charged you chop just because that is the way their computer is setup. When you think about it, how often is length sold at a custom size?
Jay: Meghan and Mark are probably right in that the computer can only take the actual chop dimension. Like Gryphon we will typically charge length price in a situation like this. However, if the CSR doesn't adjust the price in the system to the length footage price, it goes out just like any other chop. I have seen this mistake made several times.

I agree that a phone call will probably solve your problem...now...would you like that as a credit to your account?
I called. They didn't sympathize but are investigating. I'll keep yall posted. They said “Didn’t they come chopped?” This makes me think this isn’t going to end well. Its too early to call but this will be supplier #3 to bite the dust and I only opened in April. Maybe its me?
Hang in there Jay. It can be a bumpy ride sometimes but it will smooth out. Jay Goltz and some of the other big guys tell us we should only have 3 suppliers. That way your volume is higher with each and gives you more bargaining power. I just don't know if I could get it to 3.
I have had one, from the very beginning, that I absolutely love. Ironically they are the smallest I have used and framing supplies is a secondary project. I would like to have two just in case!!! I can't get a second one to work out (SIGH).

I think the investigation is going to take more than one day, as they didn't call me back. I think they are either erasing all my information or they are going to have a company wide meeting to cuss everybody. I'll bet it’s the former.

You can find out alot about the suppliers that you are buying from when a situation like this pops up. The right thing to do for them is to credit/change the order to length pricing, period, that is what you ordered. It was their idea to find enough shorts to fill the order. It wouldn't have cost them any more to ship shorts in a small box than to chop them and ship in a short box. But it costs you the difference in pricing from them.

Maybe they were having a bad hair day and will call back tomorrow and tell you all is right with the world.

I think your right. Apperantly its going to take them several days to call me back!

I think I'm slipping up into catagory 4 on the anger scale. Ohh well.. its friday....