Leftover moulding? Or a work of art?


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 2, 2001
Centennial, CO, USA
This is a project I actually started as Christmas presents, so much for that. The idea was I had no money and I had to use what was in the shop. I used the ickiest moulding I could find and painted it and then I carved "Tea for Two" all around. I built a box out of balsa wood. I used stickers and general images, some of which I added a bit of wire to get it to stand up. I am making it for a friend and she likes tea. I had one similar at the counter around Christmas and a client asked about it and I sold it for $75.00. I just thought it would be nice to show a project with left overs.



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Can you make me one with cats!
Really great idea, Kathy. Let's see some more...

This last one reminds me a little of something I saw today in a gallery here. It's the painted pieces created by a Des Moines couple under the name of Sticks, I believe it is. Some extremely clever scripting and painting for kids and grown-ups alike. Pricey, too. I saw them in California a couple of years ago. Can't afford them, but could yours.
I think you should raise the price also.

BTW, the woman in the gallery was a pretty good example of how to get in your own way when selling. She was too clingy and close, and talked and puffed up the place way too much. Would it also be catty if I mentioned their linen liners were not continuous cover and gapped at the corners? Yeah, it would. Kind of fun to snoop shop.

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