leaseing wizard


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jun 4, 2004
I am thinking of leaseing a wizard. I am a one person shop. Im am doing fairly well after a some tough years like most. How well is it working for anyone out there? I am still gun shy with the economy being so unstable. Can I turn a profit with it? Or at least pay its lease. Im great at sales so I think I can promot it.1
I personally feel leasing (or buying) makes more sense than renting and having to pay for the corners. I did the math, and the figures came out nearly the same.

We opted to buy ours last December (we are 2 year old shop with only 1 1/4 employees), and we have no regrets. We "creatively" financed it on a 0% credit card, which is due to begin 8% interest in a month. It's then getting moved to another 0% card that expires next May. Eventually, i'm gonna have to pay for this thing
:eek: The extra 18 months will give us a chance to grow the business a bit, with someone else's money. It freed up the funds for advertising and stock.

As far as the machine goes, we're very happy with the equipment and the service. The software is top notch, and you'll probably be comfortable with it the first couple days. We haven't used our Esterly manual cutter since the day after Wizard arrived! (its for sale if anyone wants one)

We bought it with the expectation of expanding into specialty mats and marketing the service to other local frame shops, but never really met those goals. We use it for v-grooves, special openings, collages, clip art, etc - but its generally used for the regular day-to-day stuff.

It's saving so much time, that we're hoping it will buy some time before we need to hire our first real employee. When we do, training them will be a snap. The POS system exports the cutting instructions automatically.

The Wizard is one of several great products on the market. Here's a comparison list of the others: CMC & POS COMPARISON CHARTS

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or email!


It will cut your mat time at least in half
It is an employee that almost never complains
just think of how you can use all the saved time....

I would recomend you talk to your accountant first, buying it is a very real possibility that really can work in your favor if you look at ALL the numbers and advantages over time.

I really dont think I could live without mine.