Layout suggestions for 20' x 60'

j Paul

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Feb 23, 2004
Have searched other threads and that was helpful although limited. If there are other threads I should be looking at perhaps you can point me in the right direction.

We'll we are getting ready to "bite the bullet" and leasing a 1200sf. space that is 20' x 60' in a new strip mall in a higher end area. There is a 6000sf Hallmark next door. Huge grocery store chain, nice mix of other small retail. Tanning salon, hair salon, tax preparer, photo shop. etc.etc. 90% - 95% occupied, less than year old.

1200sf is less than I dreamed of, about what I hoped for. Have read all of the threads about location, location, location. We are paying about 30 -50% more for this location, than others, some across the street, some a mile or two away.

Custom framing , framed art, and gift items is my product mix. The space is as I said 20' x 60'. Glass entrance door is tight to left wall as you enter, rest of front wall is window approx 42" from floor. Ceiling height is 12'. Restroom is 6'wide x 4' deep left corner. Rear door centered on back wall. Slop sink and drinking fountain located on 6' wall of restroom facing front of builing.

Equipment: 60"Chronomat, fletcher wall cutter, Older Morso foot chopper (Will be buying mostly chops though, no need for long term lenght storage.)Will be getting an underpinner.Will be getting some type of press, still looking. Can see a wizard in my future.

Want the backroom to be funtional for 2 people, but prefer to have the showroom as large as possible. Want to be able to showcase art, as well as the gift items that we carry ( which are different than Hallmark Store.)

Had thought perhaps of not running the shop full width of store, so as to created a "hallway" "Gallery type space for hanging art. Read an idea on one thread of a display closet(I think on casters) in showrrom, like 4x8 w/doors on both ends and display space on side walls, thought that might be a good idea as well.What works for you and what dosen't.

I do have the book "FLoorplans" by Strasburg and Kistler, but it does not show even one suggested layout for a 20'X60' vanilla box, which seems to be the norm in small retail spaces, at least in our area. Any imput,suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Guys/Gals
Reread this post and it might sound a little overwhelming.

I don't expect anyone to design my store for me. I have a background in Kitchen Design, and my wife is a Certified Interior Designer. What I am really asking for is just suggestions, maybe only bits and pieces of what has worked for you, or what you would think would be a good idea for said footage.

Thanks again framers
I know that you are very busy right now, but I suggest that you get out to other shops and "try on" other peoples spaces.

You will find that as you move through their space you might envision a particular aspect that works in your own.

Put down on paper what you liked about different shop/stores and play around with them on your own floor plan.

I am working out my own new location and found that an important step was to write down descritions of what I wanted to do in each area, how it would work, and what had to be located in that spot. This is better that a block of paper to represent a mat cutter or a sales counter.

Hope this is food for thought . . . .
You've probably already thought of this, but . . .

I find it works to do a scaled down version on paper. I cut out pieces of paper and arrange them to see how things flow and if they fit the way I think they will. It will obviously be different when it's the real thing, but this is a good start.

I also like Eric's idea. You may not find everything you like, but you'll also be able to eliminate a lot of things you don't like! ;)
I like framer lady's advice. I did just that for my apartment, my fiancee` thinks i am a nerd, but it worked. Eric has also got a good idea, look at other shops. If you are in this industry you got to know about a dozen framers, check out their places. I am quite sure there are other folks on here from Ohio, take a drive to see them. Once you see different shops you can see how yours is different, but the same. Or how you can tweek an idea to fit your space that you saw somewhere else. The floorplan book has some good starter ideas, but play aound with it. Good luck
I DREAM of 1200sq./f. I have exactly the stuff including CMC and underpinner. I have 784 sq./f. 328 of that is my workspace. Im not completly in yet but almost. I got PLENTY of room.
Hi jPaul,

I have been open about a year and a half now and I thought the whole setup and layout was lots of fun!

I visited about 3 dozen shops, then I used the paper layout like Frame Lady, then kind of like Eric suggested I imagined myself at each station doing the job and reaching for a tool or supply and mentally making sure I could get at each thing easily. Ok, I'm annul!

I have some 8 panel doors configured 3 together with hinges in my showroom. These can be easily moved and the shape changed to alter the feel and flow of my showroom.

The biggest "problem" I have is "storage" for finished work. Right now I keep some under the counter and the bigger pieces I line up along the back wall so people see it when they come in.

I made my "fitting table" also my mat cutting table so it is rather large (10' x 4') in the center of the workroom. Plenty of shelves / cubbies for storage underneath.

I made sure the glass storage was near the cutter (the wall cutter does double duty for mat and glass.) It's easier to carry mats than glass.

Oh yeah, I have 1645 sq ft separated exactly in half.

Good Luck and Have FUN!!!
Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far. Please keep them coming, I'm sure I can learn more than a thing or two.

Wise man once said, "any fool can learn from his own mistakes, but it is a truly wise man who can learn from the mistakes of others"

And of course from the success's too. But I also remember the saying, "you have to kiss a lot of frogs, before you find the prince"
Hoping not to have to kiss to many frogs myself.
j paul you might send framer guy and email, he has had several good sugestions on posts similiar to this in the past. you might also go to the top of the page, hit search, then type in shop layouts or something of that nature and see what comes up