LAW and ORDER & Painter of light


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Jul 30, 1997
ExCon framers?

Painter of light?

Do you sell these to motels or something?

Has L&O gone too far?


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I don't watch the TV show "LAW AND ORDER", but my guess would be on a recent episode.
Oh! you all missed it? They had a show about an artist named Kinder that killed his partner. He had a store full of Kinkade knockoffs from HK. He also employed ex-con s picture framers. The Cop made a comment about if he sells them to motels.

It was the best comedy I've seen in a month.

I would trade a season of American Idol, 12 episodes of Lost, and 4 Desperate Housewives to have seen that.

How many knockoffs of TK do you have to produce to be considered a knockoff?
I saw it, and was surprised too.. they even talked about all the "Kinder" franchises. And the painting themselves were pretty much TK-in-a-can replicas. Good show though..
Just a little FYI for you all....

Don't hire an ex-con as an employee, no matter how much he/she and their parole officer say they have changed.

Just trust me on this one!