last week i shot myself


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Oct 29, 2002
Marquette, Michigan
Yep i shot myself in the left hand, right in the meaty part under my pinky finger.

...with my point driver. The point went in as far as past that triangular shape that shoots into the frame.

Has anyone else injured themselves foolishly and greusomely at work?

I've also sliced a bit of my left thumb off with a fresh razor blade, but that was at least five years ago!
OUCH :eek:

Tip of my finger...with a blade a few years treatment for a glass cut on my leg..
Two inch filet of the side ofmy index finger on my right hand. Showing a new kid how to change the blades on the Morso cutter became a lesson on how NOT to change the blades.

The hospital visit to get stitched up was a total fiasco. Will have to explain sometime...
First ever framing job in the 70's was cutting glass scraps by hand to standard sizes. Dropped a piece it cut through my shoe. Didn't think anything of it until it was a bit squishy when I walked - then I realized it had nicked a toe - ooops !

Removed a couple of layers of left index finger with a power planer. Left a nice blood splatter pattern on some nearby matboard. Hmmmm DNA signature mats - what a concept !!!

Years ago while trimming some upson board with straight edge and utility knife the knife jumped the ruler and right up my finger cut through the nail and cuticle to the bone. Throbbing spurts of hemoglobin.

Nothing much in several years.
Ahh yes......Christmas the glue off my underpinner with an old mat cutting blade. I slipped, of course, and hit the index finger on my left hand. Ended up with 4 stitches and a "HUGE" taped up finger during our busiest time of year(Got lots of sympathy from the customers and got me out of dishes at my Mom's,though)I think I must have some kind of ESP, 'cause when I am doing stupid things, I actually have a vision of what could happen as the deed is in progress; am I alone?
I also have an amazing amount of scar tissue from the hundreds of "Charlie Horses" from the handle on my wall mounted Fletcher; conveniently located behind my Fletcher Mat Cutter. It is at the perfect height, and in a high traffic area. I don't remember the last time I didn't have a bruise there.....
Originally posted by LA Gal:
...when I am doing stupid things, I actually have a vision of what could happen as the deed is in progress; am I alone?
I have a scar on the inside of my right elbow that I got seconds after I said to myself, "This is a stupid way to hold this. I should find a clamp." (Wood working class in college, not a frame shop injury)

I have posted to other injury threads about the scar I got through the back pocket of my jeans - backed into an x-acto knife that was on the pencil ledge of a desk.
Outside of the usual cuts from glass or mat board, the only injury I had in the shop needing attention was way back in the early years, and it wasn't even framing related. I slipped with a utility knife while opening a box and cut the palm of my hand. Required five stitches.
Yeah, the old utility knife trick … I completely severed the tendon in my left thumb.

I still cannot flex or extend the thumb very well so my hitchhiking days are over.
I knew the exacto knife was on my workbench somewhere. I found it the hard way; it was right at the edge of the bench, facing toward me. After about three hours of waiting rooms, a doctor finally declared that it was unlikely that the knife perforated my intestines. Fun is. :rolleyes:

Two weeks later, the vacumount press fell closed on my wrist, which, surprisingly, did not break. (The gas cylinders have since been replaced.)

Both incidents happened at about noon. I now take my break at quarter of, rush order or no rush order.
Nothing unavoidable or life threatening. I've put points into the second joint of my left index finger on several occasions. Got nicked by the table saw and the radial arm, and I'll finish with saying that I'll never wear my flip-flops to work again.
(Oh, the old xacto in the belly trick too. It no longer resides in the tool trays attached to the work benches).
Be careful of the blade on the Lion Miter cutter. I just brushed my thumb against the blade and wound up in the doctors office. Went right through the nail and part way through the thunb. Says something about the sharpness of those blades and that would be good.,,my dumbness is bad.
I can't stand these injury discussions. Reading about these things gives me that "funny feeling"... I think you guys will know what I mean.
:eek: Rick
Judy, I didn't drive the v-nail into my thumb, but I caught it under the driver. It turned lovely shades of purple.

My scars are all from early experiences. The most notable from cutting glass the way I was told to do it, which was not a good way to do it.
A fresh piece of glass cut through my right thumbnail stopped at the knuckle, to the bone. Waited at the "emergency" room for four and a half hours. The good doctor said it had been to long to do anything about it so I pulled it apart so he could mend it straight. Cost: $600. I've got the hospital down to $300 and we’re still negotiating. (I should have sewed it myself!)
I requested a door prize from 3M for our next PPFA meeting. Among other things (they were very generous) they sent band-aids. I guess they know framers.
practice practice practice
new framers can learn a few rules and create the appropriate ingury with the right tool

glass takes off fingertips when you try to catch it.

choppers do not descriminate between wood and bone

paper sheers split fingers down the middle

mitre saws shred

table saws shoot and impale

tacking irons burn

nail guns go further in than point drivers

add your tool here
200+ pound rock, shaped perfectly for a border around a garden, when dropped properly will break your tibia and fibula in 2 places. Let's see: the math makes that come out to 4 breaks, and, at no additional cost, a nifty spiral fracture of the big calf-bone(can't remember if it's the tibia or fibula).

Not frame related. FARM related, but it's nearly as exciting, or seemed so, as the time I would up under a 36,000 pound John Deere.

If you're gonna get hurt, you might as well go on and get HURT!!
i just went hru that really kwick after reading a couple short posts. Let us start a campaign against point drivers, I have had a couple land in the hand.

While trimming the excess glue from the back of a frame using a mat blade in my right hand.... you guessed it, I was holdiong the frame in place with my left. 6 stiches between my thumb and fore-finger.
doin a build-out for a new gallery part to a frame shop. Late in the day and nobody had been really noticing that the 16penny nails had been sinking into the studs like a nail set and an 8 pound sledge.
Thought I had the two 2x4s that I needed to "stitch" together with nails.......
Through the dripping wet stud and half way through the center of my left hand.

Ironic part: It was Easter Sunday.......

while training a new employee how to break off a very narrow sliver of glass, she innocently slid the narrow sliver she had just broken off across the table top and through the tip of my finger - my hand was on the table holding the glass firmly so she could break off the sliver.

she was a great employee and stayed with me for nine years - probably out of the guilt she felt for maiming her brand new boss lady!
I consider myself lucky. My only major framing related injury came from cleaning a piece of glass. I cleaned it off, and after brushing off the lint, went to put the brush off to the side. As I moved the brush, I ran my right middle finger down the edge of the glass for the Blakeway panoramic I was working on. There is a nice crescent moon shaped scar on my right middle finger, just under the cuticle. It serves as a constant reminder how not to clean glass.
A co-worker while sitting and working at a table dropped the scalpel he was using to trim photographs and tried to catch it with his legs. He stabbed himself in the thigh with a good two inch deep puncture. He just missed an artery. Fortunately, there was a doctor taking a tour of the museum we were working in.
My son (the ex-bull rider, who wouldn't be "ex" if Mama hadn't put her foot down - you all remember last year about this time...) has a t-shirt that says:



I have also pressed my thumb under the V-nailer top clamp. That really hurt. About a year ago, my dad did the same and actually heard the bone in his thumb snap. I'm still a little freaked out by that.
Where's Less on this topic? Perhaps (I see there has been a name change) it grew back. Maybe Less could pass on his secret to Ron.

Pat :D :D
As I took the CPF Exam last month I was going to ask if the person with the most bandaids at the time got some kind of extra credit. One time I cut myself pretty good and for some reason it was a bleeder. Saturated a few paper towels and bandaids before it stopped. I think it was because I didn't eat lunch know. So far my horse related accidents out number the framing related.
One time I cut myself pretty good ....


Isn't that a bit like,

"Last winter I had a 'pretty good' case of the flu!"


"Man, that is one 'bad a$$' set of wheels!!"??

I wonder where or when we first started using "good" to describe something that is basically bad and "bad" to denote something we think is really good or cool??

(Yeah, things are kinda slow around here today.)

How odd... the only time I got hurt in the frame shop, I was taking apart a frame. The V-Nail sliced through my finger, and then it waited before it bled. No stitches.

I also split the same finger on a lighting fixture. Same Finger... got a splinter under the nail, while opening a door. (rough wood next to the door.)

When other framers ask me about my scars... I ask, "What scars?"