Last day


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Apr 1, 2005
Maple Valley, Wa
Well Tomorrow is my last day.

The Wizard is packed, the press is sorta sold,
the glass case is cleaned out, the mats are cut.
The shelves are empty....
There are still two pieces that havn't been picked up-of course.
Mat racks are gone, one computer, printer and two counters are gone.
I have a redo to finish in the morning, it came in today. 4 police badges, one gave out and fell, of course some nimrod--used ATG!! so it got a good coat of silicone today, and tomorrow I put it back together. Have to figure out just how I am going to put the dust cover on with out any ATG. Should be fun to clean that suade mat without air. The compressor is gone! and yes I have walked into the back room a couple of times to be sure it was turned off when it wasn't even there!!

.....the frame shop echoes.

I hope you stay with us on the grumble
Elsa, you can always start again someplace else... hope you stay on the G. Good luck! :(
Just think new beginnings. New customers, new people to work with, learning new techniques. Yeah.
Good luck,
I've experienced the feeling of closing stores. It really can be bittersweet. Just leave with smiles on your heels and your head held high.

Change presents opportunity. Go for it , Elsa. Please stay tuned into the Grumble.

Dave Makielski

I'm sorry that you are closing, could you fill me in on the why, how?

"Everything we do is just temporary til the next thing starts." Me. (Just made that up)
Elsa, that is the best question, why? How?.
A shop closing, going out of business, is a major event that affects all of us. The whys and hows are very important to us. Perhaps your experiences may save someone else. If you are up to it, please fill us in, as best you can.

I would offer some Platitudes, somehow, I think you will be getting more than enough of those.


My heart sank a little as I read your post. Hopefully you'll be back in the framin' saddle soon.
We'll say a prayer you will be posting good news to us all soon.
Sorry if I was a downer----but I was feeling pretty low.
I'll try to explain--I was an employee of a family owned craft and frame shop. The store was part of the community for 18 years. At one time they had 3 stores. One closed before I started about 5 years ago, the other just 2 years ago.
Independant craft stores have been closing right and left in our area for several years now. 3 in the last year.
We were hanging in there but Wallmart opened down the street in January. I am not saying they caused this, just that they were like the last nail in the coffin. The owners have been in the retail business for 51 years, and decided they just couldn't do it anymore, and are retiring.
So now I am looking for work---not much out there.
I appreciate everyones support! and I will always be on the grumble--maybe not a framer but always a grumbler!!