Las Vegas Roll Call

Rob Markoff

PFG, Picture Framing God
Mar 8, 1999
San Diego, CA USA
Trying to get an update on who will be in Las Vegas for the WCAF!

Please post if you are planning on attending!
I'll be there taking as many classes as possible. Is there an informal gathering of Grumblers or Hitchhikers?
Manning a second booth for Frank's Fabrics for Framers. :D
We're offering an on-going-hands-on-do-it-yourself-with-friendly-teacher-fabric-wrapping-party all four days.
I'll be there, this year my wife is coming with me. Thanks Diane ( sister-in-law who is watching the kids.)
FrameTek will be there in booth 715 Stop by for free samples and to say Hi!
I'll be there as well
Classes are filling fast, and lots of framers will be there. Looks like a great trade show is shaping up.

Some seats are still available for the "FACTS: Setting the Standard" panel discussion. 5pm to 7 pm Sunday, Ballroom G, January 23. It's free.

Distinguished panelists, all of them experts in framing, will speak their minds about the burning issues of our time in the framing industry:

GREG FREMSTAD -- president of FrameTek & inventor of FrameSpace, FrameSecure Hangers, and Nori starch paste packets; early PPFA supporter, member of FACTS Board of Trustees.

RICK HIRD -- Exec. Director of National Distributors Network (NDN), former owner of a framing distributor, and an attorney in private practice. He's also presenting a new course at WCAF, "Framer Beware".

DAVID LANTRIP, MCPF -- Technical Education Manager for Franchise Concepts, franchisor for The Great Frame Up, Deck The Walls, and Framing and Art Centre.

PAUL MACFARLAND, CPF, GCF -- Framer, framing instructor, Writer, trainer for Larson-Juhl.

NONA POWERS, CPF, GCF -- Framer, framing instructor, Writer, Number One FACTS supporter, and chair of several committees

Members of the audience will have a chance to speak their questions & comments, as well.

It will be fun and informative, but if you're there, it will be even better.
F145 Everything You Want To Know About Glass

I will be attending the Las Vegas show as well. Looking forward to seeing you all there! I would like to invite you all to a FREE class on Monday January 24th from 3pm – 5pm. The class number is F145. The class is called: Everything You Want To Know About Glass. The class is structured to give the Framer information on being more profitable.
My wife and I will be there.

I'm teaching the LifeSaver Software class on Monday and will be at their booth much of rest of the time.
Do I hafta go?

Am I the only one that hates Las Vegas?

Sorry.....the show is great, the education in wonderful.....I'm just one of those folks that simply dislikes Las Vegas. I'd honestly rather visit Atlanta or even Bigfork, Montana! ;)

Looking forward to meeting as many Grumblers as possible....please introduce yourselves. The Basic mat cutting class is almost sold out, and I've got 41 registered for my Website Design Seminar.....if I don't see you there, please stop by the Fletcher-Terry booth....

I'll be there!


P.S. Kevin...let's grab a beer sometime during the show?

That was Atlanta....this is Vegas!

Bossy Ellen's turn :D .

Come by Speed-Mat Booth and Ill buy a beer at the end of the day. John I hear you play darts. Maybe Ill bring mine and we can find a pub.
Originally posted by Scott:
I'll be there. I hope John Ranes buys us all drinks again, like he did in Atlanta.
If you do it right in Las Vegas, your drinks are free.

Like John, I'm not a fan of the Las Vegas lifestyle. However, I do enjoy the shows and the wonderful restaurants there.

I recommend a side-trip to the Bellagio Art Gallery. Whatever is there currently, you can bet it will be an eye-popping exhibit. I thoroughly enjoyed the Monet exhibit there, and also the Gugenheim's "Art Of The Motorcycle" exhibit. Those once-in-a-lifetime experiences make up for a lot of the hubbub.

I'm not a gambler, but every trip I chuck about $5 worth of quarters into one of those dinging slot machines -- just so I can say I did.

Two years ago I did that while waiting for the airport shuttle, going home. In less than five minutes I won just over $700. Then I went home. If everyone were like me, I'm afraid Las Vegas would go broke.

My brother had the best advice about gambling: "If you're losing, quit. And if you're winning, quit."
Originally posted by srolfe:
Come by Speed-Mat Booth and Ill buy a beer at the end of the day.
Now there's a tempting invitation.

srolfe, are you really prepared to buy beers for all of us? That might be a couple of kegs' worth.

Oh, wait...It says "a" beer, so I guess we all have to share one, right? :D
I agree with Jim about the Bellagio gallery. The current exhibition is the works of Monet.
I'll be there at Fletcher-Terry's booth talking up a storm. Stop by and say hi.
We won't be there but if Buffets are your thing don't miss Bellagio's and maybe even The Venitian's. There both great but when Bellagio has the wild game section you can find all sorts of things you may not have eaten before. Marie always reminds me of the time a got PEGION. She said she couldn't belive it or me.LOL