larson-juhl marrying joann fabrics

Personally, I am very happy for them. I just love weddings. I wonder where they are registered...................the last I knew they were only dating........
I haven't gotten MY invitation yet, Kathy, have you? Shall we throw them a shower? I think I will frame their invitation for a gift. No one else will think of that...
I won't lower myself to point out that this is happening verrry quickly. Wonder if Joanne is...?
Ah the "LJ Rumor of the month". Is it June already?

As far as I know, this is completely false.

Here is a repost from PPFA's online exchange, from Jim Miller, which hopefully clears up any confusion:

Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 19:07:50 -0400
From: "James Miller"
Subject: Re: How true is this?

}...I was told that Larson Juhl OWNS the framing departments inside the JoAnn's
}stores. Since Warren Buffet owns shares in both JoAnn's and Larson Juhl...

This rumor is NOT TRUE. Disregard it completely.

JoAnn Stores' stock continues to perform well, so it may be that Warren Buffet owns some. You & I might be JoAnn investors, too. However, there is no corporate connection between Berkshire Hathaway and JoAnn Stores, according to both companies. I know that only because I asked, when I heard this rumor a couple of months ago.

Larson-Juhl does not "own" anything in a JoAnn store. The framing departments are operated by JoAnn Stores, not Larson-Juhl. My understanding is that L-J provides training for their framers, cut mats, and frames cut & joined.

This is only one of many rumors about our industry's largest and most successful supplier. They seem to keep coming out of nowhere, probably started by some competitors who would like to tarnish the company's good reputation.

If you want to get the straight scoop on what L-J is doing, contact your L-J sales rep. The company does a good job of keeping them up to date with information about company activities within the industry.

Jim Miller, MCPF, GCF

Welcome to the grumble, edgewood. You may want to do a search and do about five days of reading to see where this has been beat to death, unearthed and beat some more.

And yes, Ellen, I think that Joann IS ...
They're not married - they're just dating.

L-J is already married to the independent retailer, but it's an open arrangement. As long as they treat us well, most of us tend to look the other way when we suspect a small indiscretion. (It gives us the option to fool around a little with other vendors.)

It's not the L-J rumor of the month, it's the SAME rumor. When you do that search, be sure and check for Joann or Joanne or Jo-Ann or Jo-Anne. Around here, it's Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts and ours doesn't do framing.
I had to sign a prenuptial agreement when I became a Larson shop! Buried there in the fine print was a clause that stated,

"if, in the opinion of the above forementioned participant of this prenuptial agreement, herein referred to as "Participant A", they decide to fool around on the side (sic) with other forms of moulding/supplies distribution or marketing or manufacturing they, at their sole and discreet option, may venture into an agreement with any and all other concerns to the extent that they will be profitable in the consummation of the forementioned attempt, merger, buyout, or seedy takeover. If, after such attempt to expand the overall market presense of Participant A, it becomes evident that such attempt should place the aforementioned other participant, herein referred to as "Participant B", in a state of financial anxiety, the aforementioned Participant B shall hold the aforementioned Participant A safe and harmless from further litigation as a result of any current, past, or potential income reduction resulting from this expansion of market presence by Participant A. Furthermore, this prenuptial agreement is legal and binding in all circumstances whether obvious or circumvent in that the co-signer of this agreement, herein referred to as Participant B, shall not whimper, moan, cry out loud or otherwise create an embarassing situation or scenario either privately or publically which should cause undo stress, anxiety, or bad vibes to be bestowed on the reputation, history, or personal feelings of Participant A nor any of their employees, representatives, relatives, or personal pets.

Signed this day of Our Lord,"
yadda, yadda, yadda.

I just thought this was standard procedure to get some free moulding samples out of LJ!!

Here's why such a union would never work: Too many hyphens!

Think of the children, e.g. Clark Larson-Juhl-Jo-Ann.
Great prenup Tom!

Plus, now we have a new rumor...........LJ and Joann's are apparently with child. At least it gives us something new to talk about!
If said child was a boy would it be called Micheal?
Yes, the chains are, ahem, as they say, with links.

They are expecting quite a few stand-alone, internet ready, bricks and mortar, cyber cafe/ brokerage kiosks any day now.

Psst: I understand Miss jo-Anne's gown is being done by Cristo!
Well my prenup was voided by participant A when they decided that as participant B, my location was too far out in the boonies to be a valid location for a qualified "professional" framer.

They didn't even tell me either. They just waited until I placed an order and then told me that we were divorced.

However, having said that, I still think they're one of the best around and I'd sign again, in a heart beat, if they'd only have me back...


Hey, my middle name is JoAnn... doesn't that count for something?
I imagine there will be a collective holding of the breath at the ceremony when the words "If any man objects to this union, speak now or forever hold your peace"......

Plus it will be the ideal time to borrow from the movie "Intolerable Cruelty" the phrase "let no man put us under.

Yup, I love weddings....
Yup, Betty, ya overlooked that fine print, didn'cha?? I saw it waaaaay back on the 14th page of the prenup, "The Boondocks Clause".

Hey, nobody said that the "bride" couldn't be a little fickle. Just watch your train during the ceremony if LJ takes you back into wedded bliss!!

(Can't have the ringbearer (actually he is carrying a 50%+15% off length certificate) stepping on the train and pulling it off in front of all those attending fellow Grumblers!!)


P.S. The good thing is that you wouldn't have all that distance to fall if you lost your balance!! (heh, heh.)

A little "vertically challenged" person joke to light up your afternoon. :cool:
Originally posted by Emibub:
I imagine there will be a collective holding of the breath at the ceremony when the words "If any man objects to this union, speak now or forever hold your peace"......

Hmmm, so THAT'S how you spell that word!!

(Now I know why my ex- punched me when the priest read that line and I immediately grabbed my crotch!)

If/when Edgewood comes back to check on this thread, he/she is going to think, "It was a simple-enough question. What the **** is wrong with these people??"

Maybe we should move it to Warped.

BTW, while I'm here: The Wisconsin PPFA board is meeting tonight at a Perkins in Oshkosh. Anybody have any new business for the board?
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
BTW, while I'm here: The Wisconsin PPFA board is meeting tonight at a Perkins in Oshkosh. Anybody have any new business for the board?
Now just what the heck does THAT have to do with weddings??

My thoughts on the PPFA meeting at Perkins is I wonder if Perkins is the best you can do? Perkins? Why Perkins? Surely there is a Cracker Barrel near by. This may be regional, I don't know how well stocked Appleton is with restaurants.....but come on, no Village Inn? Perkins?
I understand the wedding took place in Massachusetts where they will marrying anyone

I’m looking for a PPFA Chapter to adopt me on a distance bases till I can get (if I can get) something going in Ireland
…it will have to be some sort of virtual interaction for the moment :rolleyes: ….and they will have to support my efforts to take the CPF exam in Atlanta…..first question what is Ply in mm!!!
Originally posted by Dermot:
….and they will have to support my efforts to take the CPF exam in Atlanta…..first question what is Ply in mm!!!
The square root of a furlong divided by a rod. Unless of course you have passed the fortnight and weigh more than 8 stone.
Since we are waiting for Edgewood to come backa nd respond to all this mess I took the time to do some research for future meeting places for Ron and the gang in need to thank me Ron, glad to do it!

I've got my money on #3, Erbert and Gerbert Subs and Clubs. What a great name.....


1.Taste of Thai

2.Hunan 1

3.Erbert & Gerbert Subs & Clubs

4.Wooden Nickel Sports Bar & Grill

5.Queen Bee The

6.Downtown Deli

7.Peggy's Cafe & Catering

8.Mongotracks Recording Studio

9.Sammy's Pizza in Appleton

Kathy, the Cracker Barrels all closed up around here. It happened about the time FramerGuy headed south. Plus, they're a little noisy for a meeting. We prefer to make our own noise. Perkins gives us a room for free, though I imagine they'll be annoyed when I bring in my own dinner from the Chinese carry-out.

Dermot, I'll bring it up at the meeting under new-and-bizarre business. I know the PPFA makes special allowances for members who are without a chapter. Besides, William Parker is my new best friend since I helped him track down some discontinued Nielsen moulding.

I would say a "ply" is about .4mm, though I don't think it's really a unit of measurement (except maybe in Canada.) A ply is a layer and a 4-ply rag board is about the same thickness as a sheet of standard matboard, or roughly 1/16" or 1.6mm. Under that reasoning, 1-ply would be roughly .4mm.

But don't quote me.

How do you like The Grumble so far, Edgewood?
I don't believe in trains, Framerguy, I'm more of a horse and buggy gal myself.

And I ain't never going to Massachusetts.


Oh shoot, I just remembered. Boston, Massachusetts is where Berklee College is. And that's where my son wants to go. (Top music college in the country, doncha know!)
I've got my money on #3, Erbert and Gerbert Subs and Clubs. What a great name.....
Hey, thanks Kathy.

Yeh, great name, but raunchy subs. Actually Hunan 1 is the Chinese carry-out place I mentioned. I had it for lunch yesterday and again today. Some of those on your list are much worse than Perkins. Sammy's Pizza is good and Apollon has very good Greek Food.

Since they built the new performing arts center on top of my old store, there are entire blocks in downtown Appleton with nothing but bars and restaurants. Every time I drive home, there's a new one.

Anyway, we're meeting in Oshkosh as a concession to the board members who live in Madison and Milwaukee. That way, those of us who live in Appleton will drive about 20 miles and those in the south end of the state will only have to drive 125 miles instead of 145.

We try to be fair. It probably won't make any difference to Dermot if he's elected to the board, which I expect will happen tonight.
Dang, I didn't realize it was Osh Kosh........I looked up Appleton.....

Plus, during all the ensuing hilarity over your meeting Bob managed to get off a good one with his remark about "they marry anyone in MA". My vote for best line of the day......
any thoughts?
Quite a few, as it turns out.

Betty, just for future reference, I've driven in Boston and I've driven in Tijuana and I'll take my chances in Tijuana. Boston has the worst drivers in the world.

I'd leave the horse and buggy at the outskirts and take a cab.

I was going to say, "No offense to anyone from Boston" but you ARE terrible drivers. You're probably proud of it!
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr /> I've got my money on #3, Erbert and Gerbert Subs and Clubs. What a great name.....
Hey, thanks Kathy.

Yeh, great name, but raunchy subs.
</font>[/QUOTE]Yeah, a clever name is most likely hiding a multitude of sins and inefficiencies, all fluff and no "stuff"......

Kathy Wymore
Out on a Whim
Plus, they're located in a (slightly) refurbished pet store that was condemned 'cause they had too many dead animals laying around.

BTW, if you ever find yourself eating your way across downtown Appleton, stop and say hello. My shop is six blocks due west of restaurant #7 on your map.

Well, I'm off to my meeting now. Try and stay out of trouble for the next 4-5 hours.
If you think Boston drivers are bad, you've never been to NYC

Dermot, from the Be-Careful-What-You-Wish-For department: The final order of business at our WPPFA board meeting last night was a formal request that our chapter president investigate the possibility of making you an official member of our chapter. It was suggested that a new board position (Chapter Ambassador) be created. I believe you would be expected to host a board meeting in Ireland sometime in the next 18 months. Oh, and you'll need a Zip Code. Are your PPFA dues up-to-date?

Also, the relationship between L-J and Jo-Ann Fabrics was discussed at length and off-the-record. It's easy for those of us in Appleton to poo-poo the whole thing, since the Jo-Ann's here doesn't do framing, but they are expanding agressively in all sorts of markets.
Your replys were quite humorous but the outcome will be in hoe L-J helps the independant framer achieve greater success with their support. Our area has gone through so many L-J reps we wonder about the climate the corporation is creating.
For sure this may be just reginal but this is what this forum can help the framer understand. What happens in our industry without the gossip of the competitions reps. Thanks.
"Out on a Whim"

Clever name, Kathy, ........... vewy vewy clever.

Tom, I am sooooo glad someone got it! That makes you very clever too.....
Originally posted by Emibub:
Tom, I am sooooo glad someone got it! That makes you very clever too.....
(Next thing ya know she'll wanna see my "fluff"!) :eek:

NO!! No fluff! ............. Please!

I'll stick to strutting my "stuff" on posts about using up all kinds of scraps and ......... stuff.

(Little pun intended there.)

Which reminds me: I'm pretty sure Erbert and Gerberts monitors The Grumble.

Last night, as I was driving home from the shop (before I went to my meeting) I was nearly broad-sided by a car that ran a red light. On top of the car was an Erbert and Gerberts sign. I think they're out to get me now.

In fairness, I asked my son about E&G, since he's the only one I know who's actually eaten there, as he says it's okay.

His idea of haute cuisine is the A&W.
I am looking for an Ivy moulding to finish a job I am working on. Can anyone help me with Ivy moulding D-145.

Originally posted by Mike-L@GTP:
If you think Boston drivers are bad, you've never been to NYC

I'll second this motion. NYC drivers don't have a care in the world, except to make it crosstown in 2.2 seconds. And don't get me started about the people walking... ;)
Don't snicker too much about the change in Massachusetts marriage laws. Some of the papers have added special "wedding planner" sections, and a lot of services such as photography and printing are advertising - looks like people may need a lot of new picture frames!