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Dec 7, 2001
Well fellow Grumblers heard on the Grape Vine Larsen Juhl Bought over 50% of Marc Bluestones Retail Galleries? Can anyone confirm this? Marc are you out there?
Can't confirm Marc's situation (although I doubt it), but if Mr Buffet wants to add any retail outlets, I'll take his call.

Wouldn't you love to follow one of these rumors back to it's source?

So, James, who told you-then let's find out who told them. It might be fun
I heard it from one moulding rep who said he could not confirm it. Who heard it from another moulding rep in the midwest. So that is why I wanted to put it to rest. Should I have done a search for Marc's email and emailed him Privately? Humm maybe so?
Isn't that how the National Enquirer gathers its "facts"? A close relative or close family member was overheard telling so and so.....then presto, it is in print and you have a story........a story that is all headline and no facts, but a headline none the less......
I'm sorry, but this sounds like one of the quarterly, "Who bought who?", or monthly "Larson-Juhl's going into the retail business" threads that makes it's way around the industry.

My guess is that the rep who told the rep....neither are LJ reps! I doubt this is true, but do know that Marc is an avid Larson-Juhl customer for valid reasons. And with his size and clout, I'm sure he's negotiated some good deals.

His email, if someone wants to inquire is:'m sure he'll answer directly.

I emailed this page to Marc shortly after Gumby posted it.

Maybe Marc actually bought half of Larson-Juhl.
I have just two questions. And I am by no means takeing sides in this Rumor mill thread. But why in Gods name does it always seem that these LJ rumors start with a Competitor rep ,who has a very obvious axe to grind in bad mouthing LJ? And why does the person spreading thses rumors not ask either their LJ rep first ( before makeing like horse doo-do) or even as suggested email an individual like Marc Bluestone before irratating everone?
Could it be that the instigator just doesn't like either LJ( maybe because they won't sell to them ) or Marc Because he is so succesfull) and enjoys the opportunity to sully both their reputations without any substansiation?
IMHO It is just things like this that cause some to get irratated with there being no controls on the psting.
I asked a simply Question I did not state a fact. I did not attack anyone or damge anyones reputation. I did not say it was good or say it was bad. I was not starting a rumour I was trying to finish one. Until someone who knows answers Guess it is just hear say. Obviously none of you have the answer so far. All of your comments have been weak and not to the point.

Bob I agree If Mr. Buffet is buying into the retail I wanted to get on the list also.

Ron Thanks for forwarding this to Marc I hope we hear from him soon about this. My ears have been burning ever since I posted this.

John thanks for Marc's email address I also emailed Marc.
The last I herd was that LJ had opened up a store on Michagan Ave in Chicago. Also from a rep working in Ohio.
Sorry Gumby, I wasn't suggesting you were damaging anybody's reputation or anything. I was just taken by surprise when you said it was just speculation from a couple sales reps. I assumed you really had something there. I was just expecting something more to back up a post like that. It doesn't appear to be more than water cooler gossip. The National Enquirer depends on water cooler gossip. Who knows? I could be wrong, even the Enquirer gets one right from time to time and hits one out of the park......

No offense intended. I just misunderstood your post.
Hi all-

Marc is on holiday and does not have his laptop with him tonight. I spoke to him by phone this evening to read him this thread. He said that he would reply tomorrow when he has internet access.

Hay Guys

Regardless of whether this rumour is true or false……just think about it…..if Warren Buffet through Berkshire Hathaway Inc. or one of it’s subsidiaries for example Larsen Juhl has bought a stake in Marc Bluestones business or for that matter any other retail framing business or is planning to open some retail outlets…….what a vote of confidence this would be in retail Picture Framing.

The fact that Warren Buffet through Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and its subsidiary Larsen Juhl already has an interest in Picture Framing is a massive vote of confidence in the framing business.

I will add if Marc Bluestone has disposed of part of his business to Larsen Juhl more power to his elbow…..and what we should be doing is crawling all over any information that is available about Marc’s business in order that we can find out why his business was so attractive… other words what is Marc’s business model!!!! And can we use all or some of it.

Just an update
I have talked to my Larsen Juhl sales rep. He says that to his knowledge Entering the Retail Market was [bold]not[bold] One of Larsen Juhl's Business plans.
He contacted His Corporate office to verify this information. He says that they confirmed it to be a false statement. [bold]They were not entering the retail market[bold] with Marc Bluestone and have no plans of it in the near future.
I heard a rumor that Soulard Picture Framing is considering making an offer to buy Warren's Buffet.
I heard that Warren Buffet and Jimmy Buffet were one and the same! Now LJ can have some snappy songs to go into their commercials!

'Framed Pictures in Paradise'

Wouldn't it have been nice if this:"Just an update
I have talked to my Larsen Juhl sales rep. He says that to his knowledge Entering the Retail Market was [bold]not[bold] One of Larsen Juhl's Business plans.
He contacted His Corporate office to verify this information. He says that they confirmed it to be a false statement. [bold]They were not entering the retail market[bold] with Marc Bluestone and have no plans of it in the near future.

James R. Cook GCF
Think Green
"Don't Waite to Create"
was done before This; "Well fellow Grumblers heard on the Grape Vine Larsen Juhl Bought over 50% of Marc Bluestones Retail Galleries? Can anyone confirm this? Marc are you out there?"
Seems as though Ron's sign off is appropriate
"Stop guessing and get the FACTS"
No offense meant thanks for straightening things out Gumby.
I would like to assure everyone that one of the two statements below is absolutely true. The other is absolutely false.

1) Larson-Juhl has purchased a portion of my business.
2) I flew over southern California today sitting on the back of a flying elephant.

I can’t help but be amused that I am more likely to have flown on an elephant (replete with purple hat and saddle) than the Grumble is to put forth a factual statement regarding Larson-Juhl and their growth plans (I think that by now, L-J has earned the right to be taken at their word that their business plan revolves around being a supplier, not a retailer).

Yes. My daughter and I rode Dumbo at Disneyland today. No, Larson-Juhl has not purchased any portion of my business.

I would, however, like to thank everyone for what I will choose to interpret as a very flattering series of posts. The idea that my business is seen as being a worthy addition to a company as strong, professional and visionary as L-J is a wonderful compliment.

Best wishes to all,

Gumby heard a rumor, presented it here as such in the open to be either confirmed or denied. everyone had a little fun with it and Marc came one step closer to graduating from "Grumbler in Training."

No harm done as far as I can see.
Hi Ron-No harm really done by Gumby, no real harm to Marc. But, another cut in the "death by a thousand cuts" to Larson.

We need to be careful that we continue to "pile on" insinuations against Larson. I agree entirely with my friend, Marc and his assessment of Larson. Imagine if tomorrow Larson were not here for all of us.

Forget the problem of getting that single sheet of mat board you need loaded on the truck for next day delivery(even though that truck was loaded already) and they get it on; forget that as maybe not as efficient and some would like , they quit offering any consumer advertising; forget that they spend thousands of dollars on free education; forget they continue to offer innovative product lines and services.

Don't any of those factors warrant maybe a modicum of repect from the industry?

I really don't think James meant harm; he certainly doesn't seem that way, at all.

But, doggone it, you lay enough bricks on top of each other and pretty soon you have a dad-gummed wall.

We ought to be in the wall busting business
Bob, I think we see more positive remarks about L-J on The Grumble than negative - at least from the people who actually buy from them.

I think we're all a little afraid of L-J's size and power in the marketplace. In 25 years, I've seen them swallow up smaller companies and I'll bet a lot of us are afraid we'll be next.

It's tough being the biggest show in town - not that I have to worry about THAT.
I want to emphasize that I don't think Gumby meant any harm either. I was just truly taken aback that so little information prompted a post on a worldwide public forum. I think the written word is a powerful thing. I realize this isn't a newspaper but a good percentage of people tend to believe what they read.

Heck, a certain percentage of people will have read this and it will be gospel. Of course, a certain percentage of people will have now read this and will now believe Marc flew over California on an elephant. That is just the way people are.

I wish all the major players well. That would be Gumby, Marc Bluestone, Larson Juhl and Dumby too of course.....
I believe Marc flew over California on an elephant.

I wanted to do it myself, 28 years ago, just before I moved back to Wisconsin. I talked a few friends into playing hooky so we could drive three hours to Anaheim and go to Disneyland.

When we got there, they were closed, so we went to Sea World.
Ron, in my younger days I thought I had flown over California on an elephant many times and I had never even been to California, if you know what I mean.....
I think I just figured out the difference between HH and the G. On HH you are required to stay on course and not deviate from the topic. Here on the G we tend to wander from subject to subject. As if we were easily distracted kids who can't focus. We started off talking about the eventual fall of the framing industry and here we are talking about flying elephants in purple hats. So, my hypothesis is The Grumble is like having ADD. A little ritalin and we would all be in good shape.....

I'm just speaking for myself of course.
I believe that in California, all things are possible.

Making it perfectly clear that I no longer frame, let me say that if Ritalin would make the G like HH, I hope framer_tg NEVER gets his hands on, or figures out how to load RITALIN v. 3.2 software into the G!
Damned if I know where I'd hang out, if he did! This is where all my long-distance friends are!

I, too flew over California and Singapore back in , ah, 69 or 70. Except it was on Puff, The Magic Dragon..
Hi Ron-No harm really done by Gumby, no real harm to Marc. But, another cut in the "death by a thousand cuts" to Larson.
I really don't disagree with most of your posts on the grumble. It is your opinion & I highly respect that.
You may want to look at this as a half full glass though. I really don't think there was harm done to LJ either. Information when presented only helps embed the true facts. This Topic further confirms the fact LJ is not intending to compete against its own customers. Which is exactly what everyone needs to hear about Larsen Juhl.
I want to Thank everyone for your opinions.

My Great Grandfather {Gustave Wilson} used to say, "Whenever you listen to someone talk or you read anything in print believe what you know to be true and then verify the rest". A very brillant man.
Hi James-I really meant it when I said I didn't think you meant any harm. You truly seem to be much nicer than that.

And, if your post on another Larson rumor was the first, I wouldn't have given it another thought. But, I'll bet if anyone from Larson had read it, I would suspect their reacion might be "Oh, boy. What do we have to do, now". Only because they seem to see this way too often.

I think your query was sincere, but you just have to know someone saw it, passed it on, and someone will repeat it. I feel sorry for Larson.

I guess the only thing that would have been better is had you contacted Marc directly.

But, I don't think you meant harm and to some (not all) I'm sure will see some vindication for Larson.

I appreciate your point of view
I hope the "powers that be" are LJ are too smart to get into the retail market. With LJ represented in most frame shops (I believe our recent poll put then at 90+%), I don't think I would be wrong in stating most of us would drop them in an instant if they did enter our market. I think going retail would do LJ more harm than good.

These rumors probably get started by competitors hoping to hurt Larson's place in the market. I've heard so many of them over the years, I now shrug them off.
Ben Franklin, JoAnn's, Partnerships, Clark, Artique, Ashland and Ponzio mouldings are pretty good indicators. I like LJ, I use them as well as another supplier I know has retail shops. I guess that is not something I have any controll over and I doubt I would drop them.