Large Plate - Best way to frame or display?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
Have a potential framing project.

Customer is not sure how to handle a sentimental personalized plate given to her last year by her daughter.

It is large - 16" x 2" deep and is a heavy, thick plate.

My personal feelings are not to frame this type of item but display it in a hutch or cabinet or on a shelf of some nature. I think they get too bulky looking for the average home...

But that is my personal taste - if she wants it framed - any ideas of how to minimize the size of the package while still having it look nice.

A shadowbox is so deep and hides most of it... I am thinking a plexi cover for a regular frame with a substantial backer board to attach it to... but what to use to attach it since it is SO heavy and bulky. I have done plates that are more delicate with no problems - this one concerns me for the long run..




Tim Hayes.

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Aug 31, 2001
I framed an antique Chinese charger (large plate/bowl) that was 22" across 3" deep and weighed about 10 pounds. Built a shadow box lined with suede mat, suede mat behind the charger and 1/4" masonite behind backing. Cut 1" diameter acrylic rod to about 3/4" deeper than the charger. Drilled holes in the rods and threaded them so that 3/8" bolts could be used to fasten them through the back. Cut notches in the rods near the top so that they woould fit over the lip of the charger. Used five rods spaced around the perimeter of the charger. Looked great and very secure.