Large Paintings- How to Mount?

Rick Granick

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Jun 30, 1999
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Client has two large oils on heavy canvas. Sizes are about 34 x 54 and 36 x 55. The image goes all the way to the edge of the canvas, so we don't want to stretch on bars and lose some of it. We want to float mount these on black linen background (raised a bit, if possible) with about 1.5" of black to showw all around within the frame.
My question is: How to mount the paintings?
I told the client I would give this some thought and call her back. I need suggestions.

:cool: Rick
Tell your client that paintings are stretched on bars as a normal practice.

As a thought of you wanting the painting floating above a fabric surface, just how do you and your client like ragged edges? Just because the artist didn't think about the consequences of their actions, we framers have to follow the normal rules of physics. ;)
Lascaux 360.
I'm not sure, but I think the Lascaux 360 HV is least by Univeristy Products. I've been using the Lascaux 498 HV. Seems to behave the same...anyone know of any differences in this new "model". Only difference I see is that it seems to take corners better at 85 mph.

Dave Makielski
how about wet mounting them to, say, 8-ply and then cut a small amount off each side back-bevelled for a clean, square, raised look?
I get the 360 from Talas ( It's been used in lining canvases, but I use it to hinge to non-porous art like Polaroids.
The power to weight ratio makes this little baby a bit quicker off the line and a lot less time in the pits.

Maybe Rebecca will chime in. I do know that there is technical information available on all the Lascaux products at Talas' web site. Perhaps the answer is there.
Dave, just checked and the 360 is still available at Talas. 2 main differences. Elasticity...The 360 has 1000% stretch before failure, the 498 is 400%, and the 360 remains tacky when dry. It can be heat activated, but don't know if that is unique to the 360.
Thanks, Wally.

Dave Makielski
O.K. I'm confused. :confused: Why are you so quick to mount an original painting on canvas?

If this were an original watercolor or even a limited edition print, mounting it to another surface wouldn't even be a consideration.

In conservation framing, aren't we supposed to preserve art. Or at least, not do anything that isn't totally reversable.?????

I'd stretch the canvas.!!! That's my 2cents ;)