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Large Old Art work on Linen - Large Large


Grumbler in Training
Feb 3, 2005
Northeast Pennsylvania
Received a call yesterday from a person who saw my ad who inquired for ideas to display an old work on linen (for the purpose of selling as a collectible work). It's 8 and half feet tall and 11 and half feet wide (like large mural size)and currently rolled up like a carpet sort of. Reported to be very old and originally from Europe. I suggested that it could be suspended from it's top (and hang of it's own weight) or perhaps be lightly 'stretched' on a frame similar to a needle work. I haven't seen the piece but i thought i'd try to get an idea or two to pass along. Anybody ever work with this sort of situation?

Would need more info about the piece.
My question would be about going to the trouble and expense of preparing it for display when the object is to sell it. They would then, more than likely, have to undo what you have done in order to transport. If they chose to stretch it, the work would likely have to be done on site since, as it is, it would not fit through most standard doorways.
For temporary display you might consider a series of the clamp style pants hangers (wooden ones) attached to a board. I saw this system used in a place that restores tapestries and carpets. The whole system is suspended from the ceiling and raised/lowered with a couple of pulleys.