large matting


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 16, 2002
Wadsworth, Oh
What ideas do you use for matting that is larger than 32X40 and not available in 40X60? I have a jersey to frame but he wants a double matting above it. The top mat I can get big enough but the 2nd mat I can't get so I will need to splice it together. The only solution I find is to cut a decorative piece out of the bottom mat and place it on top of the double matting to hide the splicing of the second mat. :rolleyes:
You could paint the parts of the second mat that show, so you could use an oversize white.

You could also go to a fabric store and buy the color you need and mount it to an oversize board.
And another thing, I assume you know that the Tru Vue ultimats are all available in oversize....of course, you have to have a supplier who carries them.
If you have a Home Depot in your area, you can take a color sample to them. They have a computer color matching doomahocker and can mix you a can of paint the exact color you need. Just roll it or spray it on a sheet of mat board & you have your color. This will not work with the top mat if it is touching the glass.

How big is the opening in this mat? If you can cut the opening in the 2nd mat with about 1/2" border left over, you have no worries.

Or cut the top mat with photo corners to hide the splices on the bottom one.

Other things that can hide joins in the mat are game tickets, photographs, and sometimes even the sleeves of the jersey.

Aren't you glad to have this exercise in creative problem solving show up in your shop?