Large format digital art issues

Grumbling Mike

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jul 13, 2000
Toronto Canada
Currently framing a few 3'x5' digital print ltd ed injet on photo like paper. one is to be matted so hopefully no issues there although the paper seems thin for this size.
my question is has anyone determined the best way to hinge or mount or ? to keep such a print flat when framed with glass and spacer, the weight of the paper combined with it's lack of rigidity makes me want to hinge along top and let it hang, what are your thoughts, hinging adhesive? etc
We hinge them with doubled up ( thick hinges to hold the weight) rice paste and Mulberry hinges. We hinge top and bottom as you never know if they might turn it upside down.
If there is room we also put on mylar corner pockets to be safe.

We usually do fabric wrapped mats for these since they are so big.
Considered using a pre-coated cold mount foam board like Crescent Perfect Mount, available 40 x 60.

For larger sizes a local paper supply company has 48 x 72 cold mount foam board available.

Doug Vieau
Metro Photo & Frames
Wayzata, MN
mounting original or LTD ED work has always been a no no in the past, is this now an accepted practice with this type of digital based art?
Mike, I have always been skeptical of any c/p mounting methods that don't involve a mat.

If you put the spacers over the edge of the print, it will buckle due to uneven pressure.

If you float the print without placing it under the spacers, there is nothing short of magic that will keep it away from the glazing.