large CANVAS/PRINT combo mounting


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
Need some input from the brethern....customer has a large 46X51, handpainted on heavy paper, adheared to canvas-- piece of art that customer wants framed---no problem there, BUT isnt crazy about putting on stretchers(frame he got is a little too narrow for the heafty stuff I'd use) 1st thought is to glue to gator board(preservation isnt an issue) but not sure what adhesive(s) to use to do this over such a large surface.. another possibility is to fold the canvas over the edges of the gator board as a gigantic "hinge" but this would still allow the middle areas to float free of the backer and 'flapping in the breeze' just isnt on the menue.

Ideas please????

Bill Ward
What width frame moulding is the client requesting? 46x51 is not a small frame. I would suggest a 2" or better frame if it were a print much less a stretched canvas.

Stretcher bars are for the most part self supporting and only add strength to the entire frame package much like a skeleten (steel) of building.
using LJ 663226 intaglio--3" wide, 1-1 3/8 deep, but small rabbit