Laminated map


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Sep 22, 2003
Atlanta, Georgia
I have a 38" x 50" laminated map that I want to mount. I plan on mounting it on 3/16" acid-free foamboard. The map is laminated on both sides. I was considering using either a vacuum press or 3M's Super 77. Any pro or cons about either method? I know that this topic was brought up earlier on a quite larger size map. Dry mounting, Super 77 or another way to mount this map - any information would be appreciated.
I just mounted a 58" x 39" laminated poster this morning using 3M Super 77 and the result was great. A good method to use ( specially if your doing this job alone) is to spray the Super 77 sparingly and mount the map as it unfolds. You can use a roller to squueze out bubbles (if ever they appear) but be sure to press in one direction only. Good luck!