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Jan 24, 2003
Just another annoyed La Marche customer looking for a moulding. Number 2436, silve and gold. We have designed a rather elaborate job around this piece.....back in May when things didn't seem quite as bad as they do now w/ LaMarche. We are also searching to find something similar. If anybody has some ideas please let me know. Thanks, Michelle
Hello Michelle
This is your lucky day! I have this exact same moulding from the exact same factory in stock. How much do you need? Please call us and we will ship your order today. Gryphon Moulding 1-800-277-2161
Anyone out there who has NOT tossed their La Marche samples is going to become a member of the "hunting for La Marche moulding" club. Unless you can place the order successfully with La Marche, while your customer is there with you, you probably will not be able to get it. Michelle just got lucky, will you?

While I don't buy directly from LaMarche, I have a hard time reading these replies that they are failing.

They may be, but if they are trying to make a come back are we not stopping them from doing so? Many Grumblers are writing that they like the product and want to buy it. Shouldn't we be supporting each other by offering constructive suggestions and support instead of bashing a supplier?

Thank you Gryphon Moulding for pointing out that you also have the product that this Grumbler was looking for, maybe you will benefit and get other Grumblers looking to you for help getting other LM mouldings.

If LM is having money troubles it may be because of the ad campaign they are running ;) THAT is an area I feel that we can bash them, as well as other suppliers that run ads of poor taste. If LM is having trouble getting moulding orders fullfilled because they can't get the moulding from overseas, then it isn't fair that we bash them for that. Other distributors have had shipments from overseas held up at the ports, if is something we can't honestly blame them for.

If LM is having troubles because of bad management then time will take care of them for us, we don't really need to be lining up with our hammers at the ready to pound in the coffin nails do we?
In the last 5 days, there have been two topics on the grumble relating to problems with LaMarche and who knows how many in the previous months. We had a sales rep tell us as of last Friday that LaMarche is out of the moulding business. They will only be doing mirrors for commercial customers.

We know that some repts like to pass out bad information about their competitors so

If you sell LaMarche, you may want to check into the rumor.
None of us will bash a supplier who is trying to build or maintain a good business. Incompetence at the expense of their customers ( us ) deserves not necessarily bashing, but at least a heads up warning to other framers, that this particular supplier will more than likely leave them hanging.

Custom framers are on the front lines, we need support that we can depend on. La Marche can not, or will not, provide the competent support we need.

JRB states:
Custom framers are on the front lines, we need support that we can depend on.
That's why it was posted, although I had some issues with myself for doing so. I do not want to spread rumors or do any LaMarche bashing. If you sell it, do some research. There may or may not be a problem....but judging from the postings on the Grumble, it is.

Gryphon moulding does carry a few mouldings that cross over with LM. Not a lot but some. We constantly recieve requests to provide their mouldings. Gryphon does not concentrate on providing other companies designs. We do however bring in those mouldings when the original moulding is no longer available and a substantial comitment is made by a customer. If you would like a catalog please call us. If you need help finding a specific moulding we will always try to help you or any other framer locate it.

Thank you for your interest
Philip LaMarche
Hi Phil-
I tried emailing a catalog request to you and it boinged right back at me.
Can you post your current email address?
Thanks a bunch, I can't wait to see your catalog.
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