LaMarche 2436


Grumbler in Training
May 20, 2005
Magnolia, NJ
We have a huge frame specified using LaMarche 2436 (50-3/4" x 78-3/4") -- it's out of stock at LM until July (or later). does anyone have this in stock? Fel free to call me at 856-784-2145.

Today is your lucky day! I have the moulding you need. Please call 1-800-277-2161 and ask for Miguel. He will be expecting your call. We can ship it today. Yes it is the exact same moulding.
Why is anyone still trying to sell LaMarche?

They are NEVER in stock!!!

Throw in the towel and switch over to GRYPHON!

They keep to their LaMarche roots (look wise) but actually ship a nice product and have always been in stock for me. No problems or worries.
P.S. Just for your information. The factory that produced this moulding closed its doors April 1st. Scan Tai in Taiwan produced this moulding and is no longer in business. I can still get this moulding but I would have to be honest with you and say it would be a copy since it would be from a different factory.