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Dec 3, 2004
Who is your favorite label supplier? For the labels that are placed on the back of the frame as a finishing touch. I am having trouble locating a supplier for them. Thanks.
4" x 2" white shipping labels. Avery 5163. Downloaded a template from the internet, then changed it majorly. Having access to a high end colour laserjet printer helps. Design is kind of like a business card with sections to put in frame description, matte descriptors and notes. I print off about 10 pages at a time, and fill in the final details by hand.
Originally posted by Jason:
...For the labels that are placed on the back of the frame as a finishing touch...

As you recognize...the finishing touch. Therefore, I am <u>not</u> a fan of producing my own labels. You will find a number of framers on this forum who will tout this technique, and I grant that it has economics and flexibility.

However, if you're looking for a premium label that puts "the frosting on the cake", go no further than The Stephen Fossler Company in Crystal Lake, Illinois...

Stephen Fossler cusom labels




I rep a company that sells labels. A quality foil label really looks good on the back of a frame - like the example John displayed!!

If you'd like help, let me know.
I am subjected to three local label sales representatives a year. They will all have samples for you to look at and should help you (sort of) design one. Try the Yellow Pages, there should be a bunch of them to call.

If you have a logo, I would suggest you incorporate it, somehow, into your label if you can.

But a label knocked off from your ink jet printer just won’t have the same quality and professional look that a foil label will have, IMHO.

For smaller pieces I use return address labels that match my business cards both purchased on-line from Vista Print. On larger pieces I simply ATG my business card.
I've used this company since I opened my doors - around 11 years ago. Consistantly good products from them.

Label Graphics

They are in Little Falls, NJ
New thoughts on this? Previous old links in this thread don't work. We use Kenco Label, but I would like to compare.