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Dec 11, 2000
Concordville, Pa/ USA
Today I'm grumbling about the long wait times to place a La Marche phone order. If I hear "La Marche is experiencing a large volume of calls..." one more time I'll throw up. No other supplier that I called today had that problem. When I expressed my discontent I was told there had been an accident on the freeway and only 3 of 10 phone people were there to work. Were they all in the same accident? and why does this accident only occur on the days I call? Repeated accidents for the last montth? This message and response time hasn't changed since "La Marche has moved to a state of the art facility.....blahBlah!Blah!

Now I feel much better
Call before 11am and get The New Jersey location. After 11 your nickle 723-650-1170 to Jersey Direct. No Wait

I've NEVER had to wait YET...

Also I get a freight company out of there called TransMart full length order but ups pricing. It might go to PA.
Ainsley, what makes my butt want to chew tobacco is when you hear..."Your call is important to us..." No h*ll it's not!! If it was, you'd have a human for me to talk to. I'd rather be put on hold than have to listen to that junk!!

Grumble, grumble...

I'm not totally worthless. I can always be used as a bad example...
If you can find the time to fax your orders in you will not have any wait. I try to place my orders for the upcoming week (by fax) on Friday afternoons. Sometimes, I even go in on Sundays to fax out orders when there are no distractions in my shop.

It is annoying to be put on hold for any excessive length of time.


How cheap do you want it to look?
Janet has the right idea. I found them nearly impossible to communicate with on the phone. Of course it could be me, not being able to understand their version on English. I had better luck faxing, just be sure to ask for confirmation.

I think they have the most beautiful, versatile line of all the companies, but between the phone problems and the billing foul ups, the discontinueds still listed in their new price lists and the out of stocks, it's just not worth it unless you stock a lot of yourself.

What happened to them? They used to be a wonderful company.
What chaps my hide (although I might have to adopt Charles' more colorful expression of displeasure) is "Thank you for your patience. . ." They really are assuming a lot guessing that I have any patience left.

I now fax as many orders as possible, usually rather late at night. I hate wasting time on hold.
Fix orders is a wonderful way to place orders, but if the company doesn't reply with out-of-stocks your have a problem. We fix all our orders and most companies return fax order numbers ( LaMarche is one who does not).

There are two major freeways, a toll road and four major (four lane) streets that lead to there office -- Anyone who wanted to get there would not be more than 30 minutes late.The problem is the other office workers don't take mouldings orders.

If you are looking for another company with new exciting mouldings, look at Gryphen Mouldings in Tustin, Ca. This is the company started by Philip LaMarche, Peter LaMarche's grandson, and LaMarche's former warehouse manager. It is a new company with only about 100 designs, more new coming everyday, and supplied by some of the suppliers we loved from the old LaMarche.
I've always made a habit of talking to the owner of a company or the chairman of the board or the president, whoever is the finale decision maker when I have a problem.
I have just about always been put thru to these people and my problem is ALWAYS taken care of. Not so with La Marche, Peter La Marche is totally isolated from his customers whenever there is any kind of problem, big or small. His staff will no way in h**l, let you talk to him. I'm positive that he thinks he has the smoothest running company in the world and there has never been any problems with anything, past or present.
Kind of like Nero while Rome was burning.
I always leave them until last when I'm placing my orders. If I can't get through to their order desk, I send them a fax asking them to call me so I can place my order. I don't have an 800 number, so it's my small way of getting even with them for wasting my time on hold.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Ainsley:
Do you have a phone or contact for Gryphen Moulding? Thank's for the info!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
fax: 1-800-277-2162
Contact Philip LaMarche/President
or Denny Hsu/ Vice President
Please contact us at any time we would be happy to talk with you.
An added bonus to faxing in the order is if it comes in wrong you have written confirmation of your order. On the other hand, if it was ordered wrong, it saves the embarassment of calling in, yelling and screaming only to find out "we got it wrong".
My time is valuable, I hate listening to "phone fake" telling me I'm important, etc. The worst is telling me my wait may be l0 min., please hold for next available rep.
Click, I'm outta there.
Guess this could be another thread, but I'm soooo tired of NEVER getting a human on the line and listening to a menu of gibberish.
Well, this is the GRUMBLE, right?
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Susan May:
Welcome to the Grumble, Gryphon 1.

Good O'l Sue

Thanx Sue.
This site is great I don't no why they don't advertise this site in the magazine. This is great for the industry.
It's simple, Gryphon

With a whole lot of people flooding in, this site will either degenerate or the lot of us will be exposed as degenerates.

Framer just can't decide which one he wants to deal with.

And let me add my peculiar sort of welcome to the Grumble, as well!
Gryphon, do you have a web site so we might get a chance to see your mouldings? If not, email me and I will provide my address, in hopes you will send a catalog.
Welcome!! I'm glad to see more manufacturers represented here. I wish some of the lurkers would speak up!!

I'm not totally worthless. I can always be used as a bad example...
Hi Charles,
Actually I only have a splash page right now in order to secure my domain name. I do have a sales rep. in your area you probably now him. I will E-mail you his info. and vise versa. I actually sell to quite a few framers in your state. I'm sorry we haven't reached you yet.We are only 5 months old as a company and it takes time to see everyone. I really hope you like what we have to offer.
Thanks for the interest and I'm always available to answer any questions you might have.
Welcome, Phillip, as others have said, it is nice to have a supplier's response to this board. We've been using your moulding since you started. We like it. It's beautiful, and shows promise for the future. Keep up the good product availibility and service.
phillip had a review of his company in one of the recent magazines, which one phillip? i know all would like to know more about you. it sounds like a good company and like you know where you are going. i hope to see it at a trade show soon enough.

La Marche has an excellent on-line ordering system complete with pictures of the mouldings, backed up by e-mail confirmation. Lately I have been calling to confirm the status of my order during the NJ hours to catch back order/out of stock situations.