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Hoffmann Dovetail Joining System

Kreg pockethole jig

Frances M.

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Apr 10, 2006
I'm using my Kreg jig for the first time in several years and rusty on my calculations for depth. I'll be drilling through 3/4" strainer into a 1/2" thick frame (Roma 162054), for a tall, narrow piece which will have the hangers on the strainers. According to Kreg, drilling through 3/4" into 3/4" the screws should be 1 1/4". Would I be looking for 1 1/8" screws for my application?


Angry Badger
Forum Support Team
Forum Donor
Sep 1, 2000
I set the jig on 3/4", the thickness of the strainer, and the depth adjustment on the drill to about 5/8". 1" screws work nicely with that combo. Best to do a couple test holes in the strainer to see just how far the screw extends past the strainer's edge.
Also check the screws for consistent length. It was a real nice Picture Woods ebonized walnut too.
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