SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
Anyone know how many feet of 36" Kraft there is to a roll?

Trying to figure the upcharge needed to use Lineco in place of Kraft as my everyday backing. There are 300' of Lineco to a roll, but can't find footage for Kraft.
Wouldn't it depend on the weight of the paper?
It may vary somewhat with the manufacturer, but PAL claims that their 50# - 36” rolls contains 900 feet.
This is one of those facts that is going to be hard to work into a conversation at a cocktail party.
Nah ... it's SO exhilarating ... as long as you suffer from asperger syndrome that is!!!!
Gee Rick, I was thinking about a comment for the Chinese place in Vegas....

Something about 450 Cauloonese.... but thats only 350 in LarSoonese. 900 feet, 2 feet per person.. oh never mind.

Go with the Tyvek... order by the yard... $2/yd @ 50yds+ -10% @ 100yds. [but get it on two rolls...]