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Jul 9, 2001
Skaneateles,NY USA
I searched the archives, and came up with a couple of numbers to call. One doesn't sell it anymore, and the other has not returned my phone call. I have a customer that needs an estimate for her moving company. The Koa frame was damaged, and I need a good ballpark on the cost of a Koa frame that is approximately 25 x 21 and a 1 1/2" moulding.

Question: Does anyone have enough information that they could give me a good estimate on the cost for replacement for this size frame in Koa wood??

Of course the customer left it until the last minute so her claim period is running out by Tuesday!

Any help would be great



Now why doesn't that surprise me about the timeliness of your customer's concerns?? :rolleyes:

One of my customers lived in Hawaii for years and he can still get a few pieces of Koa from some of his friends but I wouldn't bet that you will be able to find too much of it in a decent grade available anymore. It is and was a very beautiful rare wood that has been harvested to virtual extinction.

"Rare as Pink Ivory" as one of my woodworker buddies would say.

Good luck on your search. Maybe somebody in the Islands who is familiar with the framing costs of using Koa will reply.

And Baer will know all about it also, I feel sure.

BTW, if you want to know about Koa wood, try this sitefor some general information on the wood.

Thanks!! Does this make this frames value higher because they can't replace it for insurance purposes??? Right now, I just keep thinking... Why ME!!

oh well, keeps life interesting in this little piece of the world.


Elaine, Yes the frame is very valuable. The wood is highly restricted as it is now endangered.

Few mainlanders (Howlies) are even licenced to work the wood anymore. I have some that I bought about 15 years ago...

If I were you, I would bid the frame out as a very special closed corner (in the neighborhood of $75-100 per foot.), because thats what the replacement will be and probably cost.

It takes 9' of moulding and the framer/woodworker will need about 5-7 board feet of 6/4 wood. My supplier is quoting me $43.72/bf.

Add mill and construct time on top of that.
I used to buy raw Koa from Berea Hardwoods in Berea, Ohio. a while ago, but check them and see if they still have any.

A long time ago, a company I worked for in South Jersey did the interior work on a restaurant in Philadelphia on the waters edge. The whole interior was of Koa wood.... Veneered paneling for the walls and the bar had a huge 3" bullnose around a curved bar top. Alot of Koa wood!! I still have a few really thick pieces left from that job. The guys in the shop wasted so much wood I would go thru the dumpster after they left and picked out all the wood they threw away.

Then there is the curly Koa frame I have on a Peg Hopper LE. Perfect for this artist. Love that wood!!

The company you should call is Martin & MacArthur in Honolulu.

The phone number is 800-842-9799 or 808-842-1818.

They have about a dozen profiles of solid Koa and an equal number of Koa veneer mouldings that they sell, either length of chop.

The contact person is Laurel Anderson.
You don't have to go all the way to Hawaii. Direct Moulding in California has one of the most extensive collection of koa mouldings.

Direct Moulding
(866) 641-1705