Know what the competition is up to!!


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS

I just called a customer to tell her her frame project was ready to be picked up. While on the phone she said she had a question for me.

She had been shopping online and had found a poster on AllPosters that she liked and wanted to know if I could a)mount it and b) get the poster for her?

Before doing my "homework" I said yes and said my price would probably be less.

Well guess what. My poster retail price is the same so I can put the order in with my cumulative order. But the best part is she wanted it "mounted" like they do (but they couldn't trim off the white border like she wanted). I can. And my price to do the EXACT same thing but with choices of color and trimming was $10 less. And look at the added BENEFIT to my customer.

Good lesson for today. But how do we get all this information out to "John Q Public" - we are better, we can be less expensive and we offer personal, great service.

Retail Roz

Do a simple window display or flyer of something that can be bought online and that you can also sell, put a note on the item which says something to the effect “Online” $50 including Shipping……..”Roz’s Place” $45……………”Online” $30 including shipping…..”Roz’s Place” ……..$30 ….if you have a web site put the message there also…..that if they call to the shop they can have online prices delivered over the counter from a real person…

………all you are trying to is message out the you are right there with the “Online” retailer…….that there is nothing to be gained by someone shopping online……just remember that online shopping is just another retailing method that is delivering the good’s in a different manner than you……