Opinions Wanted Kinetronics Ionizing Air Gun


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Nov 14, 2005
Lexington, KY
Do any Grumblers out there use one of these ionizing guns in your fitting room? I bought out a frame shop a while back that had one and it was rarely used by the previous owner. I put it away and forgot about it and was wanting to know if I am missing out on using it? Mike

Paul Cascio

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Oct 5, 2006
I you're using acrylic frequently, then you may find it useful. Also, if you were in a dryer climate, where static electricity is more of a problem, it may get more use. The fact that the previous owner rarely used it, and you haven't missed it, is probably evidence that it's a candidate for Ebay.

Some framers use a fine mist of water from a spray bottle to cut the static charge on acrylic, BTW.

Jim Miller

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May 19, 2000
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I have the Kinetronics device and use it when fitting large frames with acrylic glazing. It really does work - you can actually see the dust particles fall off the acrylic. It is much more effective than using a static-dissipating brush, and washing works only for a very short time.

There is no way to eliminate static charge permanently on standard acrylic, but the ionizing process can totally eliminate the static charge for some time, instead of just reducing it, and inhibits its return more effectively than other methods.

Reducing or eliminating static for a short time is handy for the fitting/finishing task, but for framing applications where the inevitable return of static would be an ongoing problem, such as for friable media, then using static-free acrylic is a good idea. Optium Acrylic, Museum Optium Acrylic, and StaticShield Acrylic all eliminate the static charge of acrylic totally and permanently.


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Feb 22, 2009
Meridian, MS
i have one, different brand

use it all the time, also use it blowing on substrates for mounting on etc too

What brand is that? I've never heard of anything other than Kinetronics. Been interested in getting one for some time, but they quit making them.