Kids art question


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Dec 14, 2004
Big Rapids, Michigan
Hello -

A customer brought in a piece that was done by her grandchild who is in 2nd grade. It is a story with a crayon drawing on the 11 x 17 paper that is used in 2nd grade - the newsprint with the top half of the paper blank for the drawing and the bottom half has the three part lines to guide the young writers characters - lite blue -solid top and bottom with dotted lines in the middle.

the piece has two folds (quarter folds) from the envelope used to mail to grandma.

I would like to drymount to black foamcore but am concerned about the wax from the crayons. The writing is very light pencil. The paper is newsprint so I am not sure about using hinges - it won't lie flat and grandpa is the type to complain if it doesn't lie flat.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to mount this?

Any suggestions are appreciated.
We use Plak-it for these, and they go through that process fine. This process is less expensive than us firing up the heat press.

my 2 cents!

Grandpa may be more of a problem than the wrinkles and creases. I usually suggest celebrating the character of the art as it is, including the wrinkles and creases. Kids' art just doesn't seem to be "real" when it is perfectly flat.

I avoid applying heat to the Crayon surface. Our usual mount is to use pass-through hinges on a solid background board, with an elevated window mat or glass spacers.

If Grandpa is insistent about making it flat, I would wet mount or use 3M #889 double-sided tape strips. Those permanent mounts would at least be stable for a long time, even on the deteriorating construction paper.
50 years from now the "kid" will be happier if you used archival hinges and just let the thing be wrinkled and it's the charm of that kind of thing to be in it's present condition...just my thoughts...