Keencut help


Grumbler in Training
Jul 20, 2005
United Kingdom
I've just purchased a second hand Keencut laser 1200 mountcutter my question is does the mountcard go face down on the board or face up when cutting bevels also if anyone could tell me of a book or some other good guide to how to use this properly it would be very much apprieciated I have tried keencut but they no longer make the machine
Thanks all in advance
Hi Darren and welcome,

Am I right in thinking this is a board mounted cutter similar to the Ultimat Gold. If so have a look at a similar model.They are all more or less the same, some are just more sophisticated than others. The mountboard goes face down for all cuts.You also need a slip under where you are cutting.Use offcuts from your mountboards for this, do not use the green cutting type mats.

Although, I'd much rather see you using a Fletcher-Terry F-2200 mountcutter :D , I can help you a bit with your Keencut Laser machine.

As Mick11 suggested, it did indeed preceed the Keencut Ultimat which was replaced by the current Ultimat Gold, so already it is a bit of an older model. Depending upon it's condition and availability of spare parts, you still might be able to get a great deal of use from it.

For more information about spare parts and potential training, I would recommend ringing up Roy Rowlands, CPF, located at Hedgehog Art & Framing in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

Telephone: 0157 876293 --- Email:

Roy happens to be just one of a few training providers listed with The Fine Art Trade Guild. You may wish to contact them also to see if they have a trainer located closer to you.

Good Luck!


Keencuts last forever, or so it seems. I sold my 48" Ultimat and still use the 60" everyday and have for the last 13 years. I probably have a copy of the manual on file if you want I can scan and send it to you.