Keencut Excalibur

Jody: We use the Excaliber. Its an excellent wall cutter, in fact the nicest I've ever used. Very versatile, easy to use and fairly trouble free. If you have any questions about it give our toolguy Jim a call at: 1-800-952-7914.
BTW, we do sell them also.

Scott Klinkenborg
Superior Moulding
I have one, the larger (60"?) version.

Keencut (UK) are great, even though you buy from a distributor & not direct from them, if you have a problem or need replacement parts you can go to them direct and they just want you to be happy.

My last machine was second-hand and the measuring scales, plus other bits were past it, they sent me new ones FOC - knowing it was second hand.

However, I HAVE had to use their excellent service too much - I think my new machine was made on a Friday at about 16:50!!

Has anyone used this machine AND Fletcher Terry's equivalent?

Apparently the FT can cut a 1mm (or something silly) sliver of glass, the Keencut cannot, in fact I don't think it could even score it.

I also own their oval 6 mattcutter and wish I'd bought the Fletcher Terry for not much more and I also wish I owned their (FT's) straight matcutter too, which is a far better machine then the Keencut Ultimat Gold - it's a good machine but the nylon bush bearings 'get to know' you and if you take on someone who is significantly shorter or taller, they rebel!