Karate Belt Shadowbox


May 26, 2004
Brandon, MS
Brown’s Framing & Fine Art
Any suggestions for framing 6 karate belts? I know we'll have to fold them somehow because they're about 10' long. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

Waltman Originals
Byram, MS

I saw one done on tv recently. They folded the belts down to about 5 feet wide and displayed them from top to bottom in the order of the belts. The frame was about 6 feet wide and 1 foot high so it definitely has to have a designated place for it but you could fold them smaller too. Just make sure you get the order correct and confirm with the customer since there's so many different martial art federations who all do things differently. You could probably cut a slit in the backing board to slide the belt through and attach on the back. You may also add in a patch for the federation. Can you post a picture when you're done? I've been thinking about framing my Taekwondo belts and would love to see how it comes out.

Good luck!
Shannon, I'll trade w/you. I'm working on two German Lugers (sp?) a German flag and a dagger along w/the engraved plates telling of the NC soldiers who captured the German soldiers and confiscated their weapons. As soon as I finish this WWII shadowbox, I've got a Japanese flag, w/some other war artifacts to frame. Odd how these types of shadowboxes seem to come in pairs.

Lisa's suggestions sound like good ones. Good luck.
I'll gladly trade! LOL I've done several military shadowboxes with pistols, shot up flags, gruesome photos (Mussolini's execution from an American soldier who was there), etc. I think I could just about do them in my sleep now.

The customer doesn't want the karate belt shadowbox to be very big so we've decided to fold all of them fairly small. Also, she is getting the order of belts from her son (thank goodness!) She doesn't want anything else in there with the belts so no pictures, patches, etc. (again, thank goodness!). I'll try to post a pic when I'm done. Thanks for the input!!!


p.s. Does anybody else have a love-hate relationship with shadowboxes??? I love to get them finished, but hate doing them!!!