just testing photobucket

Mike LeCompte CPF

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
Knoxville TN

want to post three pics of various pixels to see if they'r too large. Dog, flower, and son with dog. here goes
lemme know, anyone, if they're too large. think I've got this photobucket thingy down now.
Mike, I have found that sizing in Photoshop to about 6" constraint [ >6"x6"] with a DPI of 72 works best with photobucket. It usually posts within their requirement of under 280K and therefore it doesn't get reshaped... or distort the Grumble.

Maybe Mike can jump in here and explain why 72 DPI doesn't distort like 84 or 68... but for some reason the 72 is a great way to fire off in email where people can enlarge at their end.

As for the three pictures... dogs hat looks to small, the flower looks very dangerous, and you've got a good looking son there.
From the body harness, I would hazard the guess of CP?

And just to p*ss off the photographers.. "What kind of Camera?" :D
Many monitors display at 800 pixels by 600 pixels, as a general rule I post images with a width of 450 pixels to stop making the Grumble too wide for those with that size monitor, unfortunatly on a lot of the newer larger monitors the pixels displayed are often 1280 by 1024 making these pictures look a lot smaller.

Tip for resizing, work in direct multiples of the source value for the DPI (i.e. 72dpi ==> 144 ==> 288) for a better result.
Baer: old--like fouryears or so--Nikon coolpix 880 with 3.5 meg memory. Want the new 7 meg from Nikon but don't like the viewfinder only feature so will wait 'til they come up with something else.

Flower looks dangerous? One of several hundred daylilies. They're like peanuts: cant have just one. Keep files of pics so when I buy new ones I go to the nursery, show them my pics in my Palm and they know what to get to color coordinate the beds.,

Moderate CP with cortical vision complications on the son.

Aside from all this: are the pics too big? I'm using broadband so I really can't tell.
If you are using Photoshop you can utilize the "Save for Web" utility which will give you an indication of the filesize and approx download time for multiple versions of the same image.
Mike, I've got a 20" monitor with DSL so the pic look great for me... and they didn't blow out the Grumble....

I've got the D70 and love it. But I grew up on the view-finder.... actually you can switch on the view screen also... I just never do. But I'm older too... :D

Daylillies.... like I said "dangerous"... same with Orchids too.... get one; soon a hundred ye shall have.

Have a cousin with mild CP, but it's the Terrets that has finally been his down fall... he's totally house bound now. Great guy, but won't see anybody anymore. I miss him, and he's not gone yet.

The dog and your son seem to have that real special bond. I always wanted that kind of bond... cockers..are well, just not the same. And we won't even go into cats.. :D
I think we are getting two more cats next week.