Just received a call from MettleCo aka Eframe


True Grumbler
Oct 15, 2002
I just thought I'd let you all know that I just received a call from the owner of eframe.net regarding an email that I sent to designer. For some reason they forwarded the email that I sent designer to eframe and had him take care of this with me. I made it very clear that I don't have a problem with eframe, because he has a business to run and try to make money with. My problem was with it seeming like Designer was running a seperate business that is undercutting their own framing customers. I am dissapointed that Designer made eframe responsible for getting back with me. This has nothing to do with eframe if he isn't affiliated with designer other than being a distributor. I told him that I hope they don't make him call back everyone that has a problem with Designer. I could of easily received an email or a call back saying that they are not affiliated, but they didn't do that. I also brought up the same internet provider and he said he got a huge discount going through that provider. Well this is what I was told so I just thought I'd share.