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just love corporate rush jobs.


PFG, Picture Framing God
Forum Donor
Oct 13, 1999
Oak Park, MI
Last night prior to close I had a representaive from a fortune 500 company who wanted 50 nameplates for an art exibit for a company retreat. They did not wait for a quote, but said it is OK for a rush charge since they waited until the last minute to have the work done.

The art:

48 pieces (2 up) done in Quark with corner crop marks. The corner marks are not centered in the 8 1/2 x 11 sheet. They wanted to have the pages dry mounted to a white mat (whitecore). Each plaque is to have a beveled edge showing. Remember if the plaques are cut by hand the crop marks are not there for the last 2 cuts. The client is also looking through a magnifying glass when they received the job last year.

The time:

I suggested the work could be done next Wednesday at noon. That would be 4 working days being Memorial Day weekend. I wrote up the order @ $6.60 each.

Job Change:

This morning I received a call. "We need the plaques this week". I said OK. I was also informed that If I could not get the job done, they had someone else who could to the job.

Work Ready:

Husband comes in and is shocked to hear the price, $8.80 for same day service. I find out that he is the other source for cutting mats at home.

I am holding firm that I did what they wanted and that I deserve what I charged.
Time to complete the work was about 4 hours.
Doesn't sound out of line price wise. I do think that you should have informed them that there would be an additional charge to fit their schedule.
People are funny. Long after they have forgotten
what it was you did for them, the price, what you said, or anything else about the order; they will always remember how you made them feel.
Treat them with respect, respect them, gain their
respect, and they will always come back.
If they ever feel like you cheated them, raped them, or dealt them with duplicity, they will for years remember to tell everyone they meet, why not to ever deal with you.......
Always think like you live in a town of 2,000....
Noone has ever been accussed of being overly honest.
If I am reading the job detail correctly you are drymounting, trimming and providing the materials. Your price sounds reasonable to me. I would have considered a higher rush fee for the one day service, particularly if I had to squeeze the job in with other scheduled work that could not be deferred.

You are correct in what I supplied, and Yes I did have to stop all other production.

As for communication with the customer, I did call after this posting. I asked "What can I do to clarify the matter."

Last years order was done on a one week time frame and I charged $6.00 per. And for those who did not read the second line,
but said it is OK for a rush charge since they waited until the last minute to have the work done.
The represenative also said that they deserve to be charged a rush charge for waiting so long.

FYI, the represenative is the exec. sec. for the CEO.

As I was locking up for the day she came in and picked up the work. All if fine. It was more of shock from her husband that from her.