Just finishing display case & Need answer


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I have just finished a display case project - up to a point - with a pair of antique shoes, shoe hook and man's formal tie and an engraved brass plate.

It looks stunning - if I don't say so myself!

Question is - do I permanently afix these objects to the base fabric (which I bought and put on foamcore) or leave them free standing - with a little diagram of "where to place them" included?

If they were my own - I'd consider gluing them down - and if I did that - what glue would you recommend?! But they are not...

Suggestions needed and welcomed as always!

Roz, that would have been a really good thing to discuss with the customer. Maybe it's not too late.

Some will say, "Oh, **** yes, glue the suckers down!" Then I would stitch them.

Others might feel they'd like the least-invasive possible approach, which would involve a airtight box in a dark, environmentally-controlled room.

Either way, they need to be asked.

BTW, I think it would be perfectly okay to present an opinion about what you would do if they were yours. That will often carry a lot of weight with your customer, so choose wisely.
Ron, you answered that so well.
I was actually thinking that was something that should have been discussed when the order was taken.
Wouldn't the mounting method effect the price?
It could make a big difference in the time spent on the project.
Ron, Deb....

I had addressed this to a point with the customer - the shoes are not going to be attached permanently, the tie can be stitched - no problem; the hook can be stitched or glued.

I guess I am having second thoughts about what I had originally planned now that it is all "in position" ready to be displayed - either secure or insecure. (I'm feeling very insecure about this right this moment!)

Your help helps!


Is the display case the type that you would build with materials from Southwinds Mldg., by chance??

If so, I have built about 18 cases using their mouldings and they all have top access to them and I have yet to permanently fasten anything down in them. The customer will set the display case whereever they want it and then set the objects into the case. If they tire of looking at those things in the display case, they can easily remove them and put some other objects in as their mood dictates.

I posted a photo of one of them some time ago with a little set of N gauge trains installed on some tracks and they were not fastened down. I really don't see a reason to attach anything in a display case unless the customer demand it for some specific use.

Framerguy -

That is exactly the direction!! I originally thought "everything has to be permanently afixed" but now I feel that it is appropriate to have them "setting there"!

The direction was not set in stone with the customer to begin with - so I know she will be fine with that. If she wants anything attached - can do that too!



PS I have another similar one - and it was definitely designed not to adhere the objects!
The happy ending...

Customer came and picked up the piece and LOVES it... and in follow-up conversation - she is going to add another item to the case - so to not afix them was a good call!!

I love happy endings..
Good call, Roz!

I am happy that your customer liked the display and that you decided to go with my endorsement of your thoughts about leaving the items to freestand within the display case.

Now you have another new piece of custom made inventory at your disposal. Build some examples and display them in your shop and sell, sell, sell!

FGII - Thanks for your input! I need to do that - so I am rounding up some of my own memorabilia that I can put in a display case!! Should be a fun exercise! I'll post a pix once I get my prints back and scanned - if I can either figure out how to do it or send it to a helping hand (Ron!?!) to assist!