Just curious.....

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
If you get an order for a stacked moulding, plus a liner, plus a fillet stacked next to the liner, do you add an extra charge for putting these four 'layers' together? Obviously, the standard fitting charge doesn't cover that. And I don't think the charge for each item covers it either.

I feel strong vibes from the "BCJG Guru's" that a bit of 'cachang' is warrented here!!

Your thoughts????
Only on the stacked moulding - I'll add 1/4 to 1/2 hr or so
If you're doing something others don't or won't - your price should reflect your unique position. Wrapped mats, stacked mouldings, special finishing - all should warrant some sort of price adjustment.

The place I just quit working charged another full fit for each fillet, liner, or faux fillet. I thought that was extravagant. Yes, there is more labor, and should be an extra charge, but REALLY!
Unless it requires something unusual like a reinforcing framework for the fillet I don't charge extra to stack them. I'm perfectly happy to have sold four frames instead of one. Proportionately I think there is probably more profit in most frames than in other parts of the job.
I charge a minimum amount...usually about $ 5.00 to join stacked frames or liners. It only takes a few minutes to join them with my Dremel drill and brads.

In reality, selling a stacked frame saves me time. I join my frames the old fashioned way...glue and brads countersunk and puttied and touched up. When I sell a stacked frame it isn't necessary to countersink the brads or touch up any corners...mmm...mmm

Maybe I should discount a stacked frame!!!

Nah, gotta make it somewhere.... :D

Dave Makielski
Our moulding prices are figured automatically with the cost to build them, so when we sell a double/triple moulding, the labor cost is already there.