Jun Air compressor


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Jul 23, 2003
tyler, texas
I have a Jun Air compressor...we hooked it up several months ago and it worked fine...went to hook it up again after we got the cassesse v nailer fixed....and now it won't come on..I think it just clicks....any idea what could be wrong with it?????? And any idea who might have parts....I'm thinking active sales right now..or should I just junk it ...its a 1988 model.....our other compressors will not hold the air pressure high enough for the v nailer for any length of time. Thanks, Sherry
If you have an account with Larson-Juhl, their tech support will help you trouble shoot and find the parts if necessary. It's usually a minor failure - easily fixed.

Pat :D
Thank you Pat, for your help, unforunately, I don't have an account with LJ....Dermot.....thank you also....those 2 sites may be my best bet.
With a unit that old you might have problems with a leaky or shorted capacitor. Depending on what model you have such as the 6 series they use this device to deliver extra power during the start up of the motor. Many times the pump has to over come a considerable head pressure or the oil may be very viscous do to cold weather. This device gives the motor a quick jolt of current to help it tick over. After about 10 years the chemicals inside leach out and it no worky.

Also check your intake filter on the side and make sure its not full of snot. Ever try to suck on a straw when a goober is stuck in it. You start to click too. When was the last time you changed the oil? Who was the president then, Reagan. Change it its cheap and easy. Also make sure your tanks is drained.

If it is truly DOA there is a nice lady on Ebay that sells them brand-spank'n-new for less than half of retail. I paid $600 for my 6 gallon 6-x.
I think her Ebay ID is compressor444 so a search for Jun-Air on close and open auctions.

Dan has good advice about the capicator.

I've replaced the capicator on my Sil-Air several times over the past 10 years.

Easy to do yourself or go to a business that repairs electric motors, they should be able to help.

Don't know anything about Jun-air, but my cheap piece of cr@p 20 year old compressor needs its reset button pushed every 4 years or so.

Does it have a reset button?

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