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Jumping to Bottom of Page

Rick Granick

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Forum Donor
Resource Provider
Jun 30, 1999
Cincinnati, OH
The past few days I've noticed that, intermittently, while reading a thread on the Grumble, an attempt to scroll down a little results in a jump to the botom of the displayed page. Using the scroll bar or scroll arrows to go back up only works as long as the mouse button is held down. When I release it, everything jumps up so only the bottom of the visible page is showing. It's like a window shade flying up. Anyone else experiencing this? I don't think the trouble is in my machine because it only happens on the G. Could it be related to the new feature that takes you directly to the end when you post a reply?

Rick, I am pretty sure that with the redesign of this forum a new feature was installed. The forum has become "intuitive". What this means is it will sense if it is info you truly need to be reading. As you experienced it was telling you to move along. Don't make any trouble just take the hint and move on.....
I've had a while longer to ponder this Rick, another possible scenario would be that with the newly designed forum each individual thread has the potential to become top heavy or bottom heavy. Let's say the beginning of the thread has really loooooong wordy posts and as you get towards the bottom they get short in length. The natural propensity would be for the thread to roll up or bounce up just like a window shade. Or if the posts get looooonger towards the bottom the thread would sink like a stone....you get the idea.

So, it is a matter of balance. I think the new Grumble guidelines state that it is up to each and every Grumbler to give "balanced" responses when replying to threads. Not balanced in the sense of content, but balanced as far as word count. So the new motto is "It doesn't matter what you say, only how many words you use to say it".

Hope this helps.......
Me neither, Rick. But this tin-foil that I wear on my head keeps the 'voices' and the 'sinking threads' away...
Had to double-check the background color on this thread. Thought I was on Warped for a second there.
Sorry Rick, I was just providing some entertainment(for me) until someone came along and answered your kwestion. I'm sorry to see nobody official has come along to help you.

I do hope you enjoyed the entertainment while you waited though..........always glad to help.