Jumbo A/R, A-R Acrylic now available


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Sep 1, 2000
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Museum Optium Jumbo (72" x 120" x 6mm) now available from Preservation Glazing
and probably some other regional suppliers, but that is where I found out about it. It is the same TV product with the same anti-reflective, no static, abrasion resistant, UV filtering qualities as its smaller brother.

I am receiving a small sample in consideration for passing this information along, but I would have probably gotten the sample anyway

So check it out, those of you with large items and even larger budgets.
you see the size of the shipping crate AND that it takes a lifttruck to move it???????? gonna have a time with the deliveries....door to DOOR(NOT inside just TO the door)
We stock Museum Optium Acrylic in the standard 41" x 71" sheets, and at more than $500 per sheet, they are expensive by anyone's standards. If you need a piece cut-to size, let me know.

I checked the price for the new larger size, which is 6 mm thick instead of 3 mm thick, because I presently have a textile artwork to reframe with anti-reflection glazing, and I would like to make the frame about 45" wide. The price quoted by my favorite local supplier was $4,800.00 per 72" x 120" sheet, delivered. I guess I'll just make my frame design 41" wide, as originally planned.

I'll hold off buying one of those 6 ft. x 10 ft. sheets unitl I really need it. But when that day comes, it's good to know it is available.

Note to anyone who is not familiar with the anti-reflection glazings, both glass and acrylic: You don't know what you're missing. Museum Glass is among the hottest products in our industry, and the fastest-growing-sales product in my shop. It literally sells itself.

Note to Bob Carter: I took your advice and raised my Museum Glass prices, but by 15% instead of your suggested 10%. Thanks for reminding me that consumers will pay what it takes to get what they want.
I currently have 72 x 160 6mm Optium IFA in stock. Feel free to send me an email if you would like a quote or if you need any technical specs.

I also stock 1/8" and 3/16" Optium and Optium Museum, as well as Laminated Luxar, Museum Security Glass, and Water White Denglas.